Who is Your Favorite HG on Big Brother 19 - Week 5


  • Lori - 7 years ago

    I think Paul is a disgrace to the show. I really don't like him. The others besides Cody and Jessica are being his puppets doing whatever he says. How dumb they all are. They will all be known as Paul's puppets 2017. They are all jokes. Can't wait for them to see what a horrible cast they were.

  • Jerry - 7 years ago

    I hate paul he should not or any past person be back in.I hope like hell that CBS cancels next season .I will never watch any show on. CBS SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS

  • Sandy - 7 years ago

    I can't stand Paul/ his ego is bigger than Cody's. But let's compare what they do for a living / Paul "supposedly makes shirts / if the crap he wears on the show is an indication of his "clothing line" I would rather go to Goodwill. Cody has served our country for many years - he is in construction sales now which is a very good business to be in. Cody is acting like the Mosiah- when the players , especially Matt- who says "I will do whatever you want me too"
    Seriously ?! You are a grown ass man and you will be embarrassed when you watch the show - you are a floater like ding dong Raven. I am surprised that Mark didn't push Fat Josh in a choke hold after what he has been doing to him - Josh you are a waste of air time- you cry constantly - you can't dance like you think you can / and you are one of the most useless people on this show - BB/ when thousands of people interview to be on this show- why would you pick him - he seriously can't speak clearly and has nothing to offer

  • Eleanor Pierce - 7 years ago

    I absolutely detest Paul. Sure he is playing the game. The dumb sheep make it so easy for him as they take all of their orders from him and do it. I do not like repeat players put in the game with new players.

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