Do you think Wilmington Mayor Purzycki should call for a state audit of the city's discretionary fund?

  • BlueRock - 3 years ago

    those "no" votes are from theo...
    the "i don't know" from ms hanifa

  • Gerald - 3 years ago

    Could we have a new poll question daily please?

  • Jaehn G.T.Dennis - 3 years ago

    Yes the typical Wilmington politics with business as usual, I have always suspected it; but let the buck stop here. Create full disclosure and open transparency. Uphold the Constituent's Creed with strong accountability.

  • Tyrone Malcom - 3 years ago

    With all that is going on in this city, every quarter count you just can't take tax payers funds and do what you will and not be accountable,, let's just hope that it's all l on the up and up.

  • Gene niland - 3 years ago

    Just business as usual for Wilmington politics.

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