Should I change the appearance of my site to make it more readable?


  • Christy - 5 years ago

    The white on dark background isn't easier to read. It would be nice to see a template that was a little cleaner and more streamlined. It would look more up-to-date. Research says that san serif fonts are easier to read on a computer screen (fonts like helvetica, calabri, without the curls at the ends of the letters, like in Times -- this font is a good example). The background contributes to visual noise and makes the brain work harder even if we aren't aware of it. I think a nice light gray with a san serif font would be easy to design and easy to read, and would look more current. Charley is already visible in the banner at the top, and it's hard to pick him out in the background.

  • cmt - 5 years ago

    Reading white on black is difficult. Reading text over a pattern is difficult. Your poll confuses me, because what little I've read of your blog shows black text on a plain white background, which is by far the easiest to read. Stick with that. I found your site because I was reading Alexandra Fuller's "Leaving Before the Rains Come" and she mentions Charley. I did a search for his name, since I live not far from Germantown. If you haven't read the book, you might be interested that her husband is descended from that family.

  • Deb - 5 years ago

    I don't like reading white text on black backgrounds. Out of the two, I prefer it as it was, although I agree that it's somewhat busy. Ideally, I think a light solid background would be best. As is would be my second choice (I haven't had a problem with it, and indeed have spent many hours reading case after case!)

  • Casey - 5 years ago

    The original design doesn't bother me at all but I definitely do not like the black background with white text. I think the background would be a solid color like white and possibly have the font be bigger and bolder to make it easier to read. Thanks for all you do on here, I enjoy this site so much and I'm fascinated by all of the cases and the hard work that you put in to each one :)

  • Just my 2 cents - 5 years ago

    The new way is easier to read, so out of the 2 choices I like it better. But it is still not pleasing (for lack of better word). Please make the background solid and that will make it better, whether it is left light or dark. Having said that, I love your blog and appreciate all the work and time you put into it. Whatever way you decide I will still appreciate what you do. Thank you.

  • Brandi - 5 years ago

    I like things the way they are but I understand it may be too busy for some, that being said the prototype is what hurts my eyes. The black and white is shocking and that plus the bright green hurts my eyes. I like the calm gentler colors. Maybe just do a dark green text on a plain cream background and keep the top logo the same.

  • Dustydm94 - 5 years ago

    I like the original background but I agree it was a tad busy. The new one is too dark and the green is too bright. I say if there is anyway to make the background image bigger? That way when you tile it to fit the screen it will appear less busy, also maybe lighten the gray of the image a bit. Keep the light background and the black lettering and then the bright green would look awesome.

  • Heather - 5 years ago

    All that needs to be changed is the background should be solid. Black w white text or white with black text. Inverting the colors still leaves the busyness in the background.

  • Jill - 5 years ago

    I like the black background but the text is still hard to read. How about having the text itself on a solid black background? You could still have the image of Charley between paragraphs and on the margins.

  • Nick - 5 years ago

    Stick with black text on a light background. Just make the background solid color, like a light grey. The inverted colors are nearly impossible to read IMHO.

  • Yvonne - 5 years ago

    Background should be solid. Try making font very Bold on current background would be best white bold font on dark

  • Mike - 5 years ago

    It is easier to read, but the background still causes my eyes to wander. Perhaps gray or white with a black or blue text, and simpler font?

  • A fan of the site - 5 years ago

    The background looks like a pug. A pug that's high on drugs. Also, it makes the page look like an old Angelfire site. Why not just make it black text on a white background?

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