Grade the Athletics' Trade of Sonny Gray
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  • Sox Fan - 4 years ago

    I think the A's got the better long term returns here. Mateo will lead the league in SB next year (or 2019 if he doesn't play a full year next year). While gruesome, Fowler's injury is relatively easy to return from and the kid has the heart of a lion and talent to boot. Kaprielian is an excellent pitching prospect and with the advances in TJ surgery and rehab, should come back stronger and better than he was pre-injury. If all 3 were healthy, there's no way the Yankees send all 3 to Oakland in this deal so with a little luck, the A's will have 3 solid starters out of this group and perhaps a potential All Star or two.

    The Yankees certainly win the deal in the short term, but with Gray's injury history, you can't predict how much value he will provide through his arbitration years. The trade cannot be fairly evaluated until 2019 but I believe the A's will make out the best in the long run here; or at least until the Yankees resign these guys as free agents 4-5 years from now ;-)

  • Ken - 4 years ago

    Honestly I agree with the move on both parts it's a risky move that could blow up in either teams face but one that could benefit both teams the A's got one of the fastest prospects in all of baseball a pitcher who was almost major league ready before getting hurt and another outfielder with a plus bat before getting injured

  • Rolf - 4 years ago

    Huge amount of risk for Gray by the A's. Mateo just seems like most other Yankee prospects not named Judge. Overvalued to the point of ridiculous. Think Rob Refsnyder. Is he going to play second, short or centerfield? I doubt the A's know at this point. Fowler's one great tool was speed and with a knee, that tool may be gone, also. As for Kaprielian, it seems he is as good as he was going to be coming out of UCLA and add in the injuries nad it is looking a lot like the haul they got from the Dodgers for Hill and Reddick. Holmes is a gascan in talent and shape, Montas has a great fastball but can't get anyone out and Cotton is being misused as a starter. One has to start questioning Billy Beane because he is making riskier and riskier moves that are blowing up in his face.

  • Mike Pandolfino - 4 years ago

    The A's need these players to be healthy big risk trading for injured players.

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