Grade the Yankees' Acquisition of Sonny Gray
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  • Earle - 4 years ago

    Yanks gave up "a lot" but both sides are rolling the dice on players with injury histories. Next 3-5 years, the Yanks win this trade. If two of the three prospects pan out, then the A's do.

  • Keith - 4 years ago

    Solidifies the rotation into 2019, at an affordable salary. Yankees building intelligently and still have buying clout if needed.

  • Mike - 4 years ago

    Once the Yanks got J.Garcia, the conversation went like this - "Hey Billy. It's Cash. Listen, I still "want" Sonny but now I don't "have to" get him. This is my best/final offer. If you don't take it, we can talk in the offseason. But obviously one of the kids comes out of the package"

    Garcia gave Cashman all of the leverage in that deal.


  • Brandon - 4 years ago

    Why hasn't anyone made a movie about Cashman? Great trade!

  • Rolf - 4 years ago

    As long as Gray is upright, the Yankees pulled off a monumental heist. They gave up guys who didn't have a position, were injured and likely will never be ML competitors. Cashman just shows he can work circles around most GM's. Like the Dodgers, they got what the wanted and the cost was barely a blip on the radar. I still think the Yankees need more to get past Cleveland, Houston and Kansas City but they are closer than they were a couple days ago.

  • Ed lebar - 4 years ago

    Great trade for both sides

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