Will Ava Be Griffin's New Girlfriend

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  • Deloris Y Jackson - 5 years ago

    No! No! No! I am so tired of the horrible things able Available does and is allowed to get away with it because somehow they make Sonny and Carly her scapegoats and they are blamed for her running around town killing or being responsible for someone death. Yes both Sonny and Carly have done somethings that were not right and there past are not sneaky clean. But that does not give anyone to do things to them and then the viewers always want to blame them for everything because of their past. Ava needs to be accountable for her actions and stop all these made up illnesses. She is responsible for being burn it was her once again trying to get away. And now we are to believe she is so remorseful for what she did and she loved Morgan so much. What a joke of a story these writers came up with. But whenever they do the same for Sonny and Carly everyone wants to say they have no sympathy for them or they deserve it. But we are suppose to have sympathy for Ava and her heinous crimes. I like the way they wrote the stories before, if the character was good or bad...likeable or not likeable they paid for their crimes. Now they do a crime and they get an illness or tragedy and we are suppose to forget they are responsible for killing someone's child because tragedy befall them.

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