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  • linda - 6 years ago

    Should be Amanda. Unfortunately it longer matters. The show has been cancelled. Boo!

  • John - 6 years ago

    Amanda Tapping dressed the same as #2BOSS

  • Mary - 6 years ago

    Voted for Amanda Tapping, but Michael Shanks would be great choice too. Both are excellent actors and brings something unique to shows. I would love to see them more on TV.

  • Ismail - 6 years ago

    Michael Shanks, he's more amusing than Ben. Also, the Amanda Tapping fan train is a bit much.

  • Al - 6 years ago

    Amanda Tapping
    Claudia Black
    Michael Shanks
    Peter Williams

  • Nicole - 6 years ago

    Amanda tappingā¤

  • Treebranch - 6 years ago

    Ben Browder please. He can do drama, comedy, romantic scenes with the right leading lady and I do believe he'd bring lots of viewers to the show!!

  • Sam - 6 years ago

    I vote for Amanda Tapping .

  • Rebekah Goodyear - 6 years ago

    I voted for Ben Browder because he is a BRILLIANT actor and needs to be onscreen more often. Look at his work in Farscape, Stargate SG-1, Dr. Who, Arrow, Outlaws & Angels, even the cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy 2....a classically trained, Shakespearean actor of the finest degree, who can flawlessly switch from his native North Carolina accent to British any time. He's expressive and can be subtle or intense, he can easily play a good character, a villain, or a complex, layered character losing his sanity or anything else you can throw at him. Simply the finest actor I've ever seen. I'd be glad to see any number of the other actors on the list appear, but whatever you do, PLEASE bring Ben Browder in. He will not only add something extra special to your series, but his appearance will also increase your ratings, of that I am certain. And thank you for including the fans in this decision. This is lovely.

  • Rick Berent - 6 years ago

    I would vote for Ben Browder first, and if given a second choice would add Claudia Black.

  • Stephanie - 6 years ago

    Either Amanda or Richard. But if I have to pick one it's always going to be Amanda.

  • Chris - 6 years ago

    I've voted for Amanda Tapping the grand empress of sci-fi
    But most loved all four of SG1 !!!

  • Kirsten - 6 years ago

    Teryl Rothery! I know she's busy with Chesapeake Shores but here's hoping!

  • Jennifer Buffie - 6 years ago

    Ben Browder, hands down- fantastic actor and a great human!
    ( I'd have voted for Claudia Black as well if we were allowed 2 choices)

  • JenAmandaMagnus - 6 years ago

    I voted for Amanda Tapping. How could you chose anyone else but, the beautiful and wonderfully talented Amanda. She could direct and star in the episode, she would rock. PLEASE VOTE FOR AMANDA TAPPING!!!!

  • Mark S - 6 years ago

    Jason Momoa could be a serious badass with a good heart.

  • Pamela Marrache - 6 years ago

    Would love to see Joe Flanigan. That's who I voted for.

  • Jen - 6 years ago

    Rick (Richard Dean Anderson) is ready to come out of retirement, he said so himself. Let's get him back in the saddle and into a good show that has that sci-fi element. My vote is for him, because it's been too long since he has graced our TV screens.

  • Kevin Ward - 6 years ago

    Teryl Rothery , the crew could always use a good Dr...

  • Jim - 6 years ago

    Julie McNiven or Kathleen Munroe Kathleen Munroe

  • Denise Elarde - 6 years ago

    David Hewlett. Why isn't he on the list?

  • Jennifer - 6 years ago

    Reilly Dolman. He's killing it In Travelers.

  • Maryanne - 6 years ago

    I voted!! Hope my pick wins.

  • Katie Morrow - 6 years ago

    Gary Jones!!

  • SFJunkie - 6 years ago

    Joe Flanagan. Always liked him as Sheppard, never understood why he did not land another leadrole in some other tv show.

  • MoritzJT - 6 years ago

    Ben Browder could perfectly portrait a predominantly and on first sight evil character that turns out to have some own agenda playing into the big picture...

  • zo&ss - 6 years ago

    sarah shahi!!! she is excellent !!!

  • Vladimir woodelf Ivanov - 6 years ago

    I hope to see Alaina Huffman, Anna Galvin, Ona Grauer and Louise Lombard.

  • Ava DiGioia - 6 years ago

    I vote All of the Above!!!!

  • cat444 - 6 years ago

    I think the tone of Dark Matter leans more toward Farscape than Stargate so Ben Browder gets my vote. Besides, he looks way too good in leather, so he'd fit right in! He and Three can be buds - or not.

  • SG1Lincoln40 - 6 years ago

    Jewel Staite! She is amazing in everything she does!!

  • Pete Salisbury - 6 years ago

    Write in vote for Corin Nemec.

  • Juli S - 6 years ago

    Amanda Tapping! She's a terrific actress and she played a great, strong character on SG-1.

  • N. Roar - 6 years ago

    Hell yeah! I'm all for Ben Browder!

  • Rygel84 - 6 years ago

    Ben Browder! Can I get a hell yeah?!

  • Mannas7mom - 6 years ago

    Paul McGillion, of course! The fans called him "the heart of Atlantis." And he deserves a romantic interlude with our lovely Android! Dr. Beckett didn't see much romance in Stargate: Atlantis. :)

  • Kathode - 6 years ago

    JR Bourne!

  • Tobias - 6 years ago

    Tough call between Ben Browder and Claudia Black, especially since Dark Matter is just as good as Farscape.

  • Jasper - 6 years ago

    Jewel Staite! She'll draw in Stargate and Firefly fans!

  • @ThisDarkMatters - 6 years ago

    Must go with the amazing, unflappable, Amanda Tapping. I miss Sanctuary so much, would love to see what fun Amanda would have in the Dark Matter universe!

  • Steve Eramo - 6 years ago

    Wow, that was a TOUGH choice to make! I cast my vote based on the actor/actress I thought would best and further spice things up among the Raza gang, even on a guest-star basis! :) Thanks for this opportunity, Joe.

  • Annette Secoy - 6 years ago

    I still stand by: All of them should be guests!!

  • Billy Carroll - 6 years ago

    Jewel Staite, pretty please!

  • Me - 6 years ago

    Jewel Staite, indeed :)

  • Chris Soyangco - 6 years ago

    It was a hard decision, but I voted for The Judge, 'cause I boiled it down to us having the same first name and I once patterned my facial hair on his season four facial hair.

  • PBMom - 6 years ago

    Anyone from SGU! Also thought of David Nykl too, for SGA

  • PBMom - 6 years ago

    This is an awesome opportunity. Thank you!

  • Allegra Garrett - 6 years ago

    If Ben is good enough for GOTG, you've got to bring him back to the Mallozzi Galaxy!

  • CT - 6 years ago

    Jewel Staite

  • AA - 6 years ago

    Jewel Staite. Let's find a way to make this show part of the firefly universe!

  • Dinah snith - 6 years ago

    All of them would be cool rainbow Frank I should be on list

  • Elminster - 6 years ago

    I voted.

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