Do you support the sealing of Maria River Road?

Posted 1 year.


  • David van Megchelen - 1 year ago

    Maria river road has been responsible for 8 broken windscreens in my vehicles many sets of tyres chewed to pieces before their time ,many suspension parts need to be replaced more regularly, the list is extensive .
    On my way to Port Macquarie markets 2 years ago a rock struck my windscreen so hard that my 18 month old son was covered in glass shards in the rear seat in the car ,luckily he was asleep so i managed to pick all the glass off him before he opened his eyes ,yes the screen was laminated and the inside skin exploded ,a good reason to wear sunglasses while driving this road .
    After witnessing many accidents and highway blockages that makes maria road like the pacific highway ,
    highway drivers do not know the road and travel in packs at high speed ,we do not even use the road when the highway is blocked ,it's just too dangerous ,oh yes drive slowly and enjoy the dust

  • Michelle Ayres - 1 year ago

    You can drive fast or slow either way your car is destroyed, so comments saying drive slow enjoy the county are not valid as there is no enjoyment in potholes half a meter deep or loose gravel that even at slow speeds can drive you off the road or people who don't give a damn about you flicking huge window breaking rocks over your car when they fly past. Drive a mile in the long suffering residents with health issues shoes and see if you feel the same about driving to enjoy the country when your too busy avoiding holes etc.

  • Caroline - 1 year ago

    Drive slower enjoy the country

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