Who Do You Think Will Be Evicted on Big Brother? - Week 6

  • allice - 4 years ago

    I would love to see a back door on paul .. all the drama is around paul that would be my wish to see happen tonight or even have a double eviction and just get him out along with Raven for my final 3 I like to see Jason ,kevin and jess

  • Sandra - 4 years ago

    Have you noticed that ALL the women are in a showmance? I would like to see Raven go, she has a foul mouth and extremely loud. All of her action is hoping that she is obnoxious to have extra camera time that makes for a good show. If you want to talk about fake Raven holds the title. Elana is just playing Mark, but the knuckle head can't see that! I would HATE to see Jessica go because she is a good competitor and she looks good with or without the make up on! Jessica gives this show great ratings, not so much for the other two.

  • Pat - 4 years ago

    I don't think Josh has the backing of the house to vote Elena out, but I wish there was some way to keep Jessica.

  • denise fishman - 4 years ago

    they areb going to backdoor alana

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