Would You Like To See A Super Affordable EV In The US?


  • bob peterson - 3 years ago

    perfect for smaller towns where people go to the post office, grocery store ,clinic, town meetings, church etc. Older people use their cars mostly for longer trips. would fit in most one car garages etc. Better and less cost than the big loud 4 wheelers and gollf carts etd, safer. better for the enviorment also.

  • Mary Siebenthal - 6 years ago

    Hello, I'm retired and have seriously been looking for an electric vehicle that would fit into my limited budget. I love the price point of this budget. Most of my driving is done within 20 miles or lesss from the house. I have a car and would use it only for a longer drive. I'm very hesitate to buy a used vehicle and someone else's problems. That said, the costs of new electric cars is a stretch to my budget. If you could provide this car in USA for $7,000 or less it's a no brainer, I would be honored to be your first customer. I've been researching for over a year. Please remember most of us live within 10 miles of our local shopping. When I saw this on YouTube, I tried to find a dealer. It's not only that it's budget friendly, it looks like alot of fun. Thank you for your time.

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