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Posted 2 years.


  • Doflah - 2 years ago

    The Chemistry btwn Deacon & Jessie was great. I'm glad they are taking it slow. It would be disrespectful to Rayna if they had Deacon date too soon. All of the references and flahbacks of Rayna kept me watching this season. I was sad she left. The Gunner and Charlotte drama is getting old, but they have great chemistry. The show needs more blue bird performances and more Dylan singing about Rayna. Daphne character is boring. As a season finale, I was surprised it didn't have a cliff ending and leave you hanging and anxious to see what happens next. There was a lot of closure like there might not be another season of The show. Keep Rayna alive in our hearts!!!

  • Barbara Walton - 2 years ago

    Too many unimportant story lines such as pool party; silly kiss; Jessie 's stupid husband on & on.Bring Rayna back & say those last episodes were just bad dreams Deacon had.

  • Debbie Rankin - 2 years ago

    You have gotten totally away from the shows original story lines, i have watched the pilot 9 times, this is nothing like it, your new characters Dont even belong in Nashville {the city } let alone the show, it was all about the women trying to make it in music city, now there is more commercials than show, Hardly any music, no guest cameos, no CMA awards, hardly any blue bird , just like every other night time soap opera, Do your self a favour and watch the first 3 seasons. Im really thinking you should have Re casted Rayna Jaymes, when we all new Connie wanted out.{ she could have just needed plastic surgery after the 2nd accident.} get it back to its roots in season 6, or i doubt there will be a 7, and Jan is wayyy to long to wait.

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