Will Bernie be the 2020 nominee?

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  • Mark - 2 years ago

    As old as Bernie Sanders is, he should have bought a few clues by now. One thing I'm sure of - both him and Nina Turner know who is the neck-bearded, pasty white face of their collective. Only the fear of wedgies and wet willies keep them from joining the republicans officially. Bernie would need a deal with the devil to make this work - and why would the devil do that, when he's already installed in the oval office?

  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 2 years ago

    FUCK Bernie Sanders. His silence on all the hate crimes, racist policies, and on Donald Trump's idiocy over the past 6 months shows me he's not very serious about marginalized people but his own ego. He gets off on being the thorn in the Democrats' side. He's not particularly unifying and just as bad as Trump when it comes to catering only to his base and not correcting them when they're wrong.

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