Should there be a tourist train between Devonport and Wynyard?

Posted 1 year.


  • Darren Prudden - 1 year ago

    Puffing Billy in Victoria carried its 11 millionth passenger in Jan 2017. Last year 2016, they carried 454,000 an increase of 21% on the previous year This year they are exceeding this number.
    This month even with the cold weather we had more than 2,000 rides sold at our volunteer not for profit
    miniature railway.
    All of these people pay for the ride as well as accommodation and food where required.
    As a cyclist, unless you toll the path I won't pay for the ride although i'm sure i will enjoy the money you have spent on it.
    I love cycling and railways, but I really don't like vandalism of pulling up tracks when you could incorporate both.

  • Bernice Wuttke - 1 year ago

    If the Council concerned does not give this the go ahead, they are shooting themselves in the foot. Hello !!! are you in touch with how many tourists arrive via SOT to visit your State let alone the ones that fly in ? I have personally driven along the road adjacent to this Railway Line. The views are magnificent. Tasmania has many wonderful areas to visit. An addition to the State for Visiters would most certainly be having a train passing all the beautiful coastline that is there to see. I await for this to happen so as next time I visit, it will be running and I can enjoy another train experience of Australia.

  • Jenny - 1 year ago

    Been saying this for years. The most beautiful part of Tassie.

  • Ann Corcoran - 1 year ago

    Not just for tourists would love a train trip and i am local

  • Issi Murray - 1 year ago

    I think you will find that Don River Railway has been trying to get this to happen for years, but lack of interest or will from all arms of government has so far impeded any positive progress.
    It is THE obvious thing to do when we have the trains and the tracks already. All that isneeded arepermissions and a cash injection to create a world class attraction.

  • John Wilson - 1 year ago

    This track was once used by the fabulous Tasman Limited on it's way to and from Hobart. It should never have been taken off the run, but should have been properly promoted as a great way to travel with it's full on board service. Now a tourist train between Devonport and Wynyard would be a wonderful asset to the coast. It travels along a most beautiful part of Tasmania and I believe it would be very successful if promoted the right way. It may also be a lead up to the return of a daily service between Wynyard and Hobart which if happened would a great boon to Tasmania, a State that depends so much on Tourism. Just think of the potential.

  • Angela McDermott - 1 year ago

    Great idea! If you're driving you miss all the beautiful scenery. Travelling on a train, everyone can enjoy the journey! Apart from tourism, it would be a lovely way to visit friends and family.

  • Mary - 1 year ago

    I remember the days when Coral introduced each town between Conara and Wynyard, pointing out buildings etc of interest. She would also sell food and drinks on the old Tasman Limited. I remember that if we were anywhere nearby when the train passed we would stand and wave to the passengers as it passed. Later I was a passenger as I travelled to and from my accomodation in Hobart as a student. It took all day to get there. Last year we spent 2 days on the Rocky Mountaineer in Canada travelling betweenCalgarry and Vancouver. Tasmanian scenery is amazing . The whole of Tasmania would eventually be suitable to copy the concept.

  • Warren Morris - 1 year ago

    I once commented, many years ago, that the drive along the coast was equal to anywhere else in th world.

  • Tara - 1 year ago

    I think it will be a great idea it should never of changed you use to be able to go from wynyard to Burnie on a train once I think actually it started from Stanley that would be good to have it up and running again

  • Nigel Baptist - 1 year ago

    Fantastic idea. The rail line would bring tourists to the area, while enjoying some beautiful coastal senary. Long overdue. I hope everyone can see the economic and lifestyle benefits to this idea.

  • Brendan - 1 year ago

    Brilliant idea , should have been done years ago. Heaps of People would support it.

  • Melinda Carpenter - 1 year ago

    The scenery along side the water at Ulverstone, Penguin, Sulphar creek, Burnie, Somerset, Wynyard is magnificent. I have lived NW coast for 4 years and can not believe this has not already happened. We need this. Tourism and locals. Our children love trains and deserve the oppurtunity to experience being a passenger on a train. I would use the service along with my family.

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