Who are you rooting for?

  • Kyle - 4 years ago

    Neither. Another boring, defensive boxing decision.

  • Mark Puccienlli - 4 years ago

    You need a column for neither for this poll..........

  • shawn - 4 years ago

    i believe that FM will toy with and basically destroy CM's hopes of any success. i give CM credit for BSing his way to this point in his career. i do not believe CM's talent level is commensurate to his BS level. all of his mma fights have been against sub par opponents except for 3 Alverez (small in stature) Aldo (arguably lucky punch?) and Diaz 2nd. fight (arguably Diaz won) here's my point CM has never defended any of his belts. but after his wins he has been able to elevate his stock thru talk and self promotion.

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