Does Skip Bayless have a point?


  • John t - 5 years ago

    It wasn't even close! These Mcgegor fanboys are idiots. In the first 3 rds MacGregor only landed 26 out of 115! Throwing a bunch of punches into the air doesn't fool judges, only fanboys and Bayliss. Mayweather threw 110 less punches but landed 60 more. Be real, it wasn't even close. Has anyone else paid attention to Bayliss' track record with football predictions? Helen Keller would be more accurate.

  • johnyod - 5 years ago

    he talked to him only basically (by looking directly at him) because Floyd is 49-0 an has heard the speech an the rules 49 times an didn't think he needed to remind him. where as conor has never had a professional or amateur match. conor still ignored half the stuff the guy said; back of head, grappling, elbows, punches when the ref tried to separate or after separation, tried to take his back 3 times tried to take side control an punch at the back of the head, not releasing a tie up after the request to stop or break, hammerfists to the back of the head, fyi the hammer fists are illegal to the back of the head in ufc as well see lesnar vs mir, an I'm sure I missed some. funny thing is jones an mac won a good amount of fights throwing illegal shots the gregster has at least three fights where he targets the back of the head with punches an jones vs dc 2 jones clearly went from the face to behind the ear an to the back of the head intentionally when dc was down you can see his shoulders recenter lined up to throw blows in the center of his frame directly in line with the back of dc's head. conor tried to cheat like 15-20 times in the mayweather fight an in normal circumstances would have been diss mother f@#$%in qualified. Your nuts if you thought he was winning that fight let alone anything after round 3 which was a questionable round to give mac anyway. also funny to note how many illegal things did mayweather do? mac landed at least one clean elbow intentionally you cant really throw a punch an accidentally hit a bow you have to turn it over or at best maybe a hook could be a forearm strike but thats not remotely as much torque, power, or back up mass as a elbow strike. he missed 2 more elbow attempts, hit the back of the head at least 10 times, cheap shoted him twice once blatant as hell an mac even acknowledged it an tried a third I believe didn't land well enough to note, grabbing his neck pulling at the neck. An I am sure I am leaving things out. He could have taken a knee but didn't cause he wasn't sure where he was an what was happening. the ref made mayweather miss a nasty downward left cross to the jawline of mac when he stopped it an the ropes were all that was holding him up. also last but not least an I would love to hear your rebuttholes since I know there tore but When ever have you seen macs legs go an him stumble everywhere an come back, "that's how I get when I am tired" "same thing happened in the paulie fight" #&^%$*&@^#!!!!!! what wait a second hold on I thought he killed paulie the whole time an was never in any trouble an absolutely ripped paulie apart an paulie said he had him gassed an wanting out. So either Conrad was a liar then or he is a liar now either way he is a SNAKE IN THE GRASS LIAR. End Game set Match. Ps I have never had my legs an equilibrium go when I get tired. you ever seen a tired guy go in a circle around a squared ring stumbling backward because he is tired? You think you would just stop moving around.

  • Henri Palmer - 5 years ago

    McGregor was on point to make #payweather 49-1 But again, Because Mr. Mayweather (Jr's Dad) has influence & FRIENDS (The Ref They Chose For The Fight) Floyd The Void Wins By TKO Such Bullshit & Proof That Boxing Is Dead !!! SMFH

  • Daniel - 5 years ago

    McGregor easily had the first five rounds with 6 and 7 close enough to go either way. The ref for sure saved Mayweather and I was screaming at the TV when it happened! How the hell does the ref pull McGregor off of him then stand him in the ring for a good 30 seconds talking to him. This whole fight was set up from the start. The ref was talking only to McGregor from the beginning and any time Mayweather was getting hit the ref would step in and stop it. The stoppage was complete BS and just goes to prove how pathetic boxing truly is. McGregor was still throwing punches and dodging blows, he was gassed for sure but it's nothing he couldn't come back from. BS fight that McGregor should have won. The judges also showed that boxing is rigged, how exactly did they have Mayweather winning any of the first 3 rounds when he barely threw a punch and was getting dominated.

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