Will Justin Upton Opt Out This Fall?
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  • Cleat "The Meat" Jones - 5 years ago

    No way, if he does, he doesn't achieve the same amount of guaranteed money.

  • tony - 5 years ago


  • Ian Renn - 5 years ago

    I think it depends if the Angels make the playoffs, if they do he will likely stay on the team. If they don't he might opt out. He will not earn that type of money ever again, but he might want to play for a guarenteed contender.

  • Minorkle - 5 years ago

    He won't opt out. He has a sweet contract that he could not get again.

  • Bobby - 5 years ago

    Only if he's a fool. He better take in the reality of what happened with Edwin Encarnacion who overplayed his hand and got 20 million less.

  • Roger McReynolds - 5 years ago

    I think he wants to play with San Francisco Giants,in my biased opinion

  • Drew Steinhardt - 5 years ago

    No because he'll love playing in Anaheim and living by the ocean

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