Should the city cancel David Icke's talk at the Orpheum?

  • Darren Smyth - 4 years ago

    I saw Daivid speak on Saturday in Vancouver, and it was absolutely amazing!!
    There was not one word of hate speech!! Towards Jewish people, or any other group.
    The mainstream media twists what he he saying to smear him.
    A growing number of people question world governments and the main stream media, and Icke is a pistol for what many feel is really going on.
    In a land with free speech, how can anyone question if he can speak.
    Look up 9/11 for instance, and the supposed plane that hit the pentagon, and you will see no videos showing a actual plane, along with the pentagon crash there is NO physical evidence of a plane after the crash?!!!
    And you wonder why people question the official stories, and David Icke and people that are like minded are critisized for expressing there right for freedom of speech!!!

  • Joe - 4 years ago

    The idea that David Icke is a holocaust denier and an antisemite is absolutely laughable. And anyone having openly heard him to his conclusion would laugh, as it is the complete opposite of where he is coming from. Anyone saying this is either grasping onto the holds of the dictated dogma and not digging and asking the questions that others don't, or have a direct agenda to further the population's current, though dissolving, delusion. ANYONE who suggests that free speech should not be heard by ANYONE, is trying to cover your eyes from something they don't want you to see. It means they are threatened by it and that your own natural discernment may lead you, ESPECIALLY if you follow your heart, to believe the theorist and not them. It means you THIS is something you SHOULD check out for sure. For if they just didn't want you to hear it, they'd have said nothing, and left the Orpheum and the mayor alone, but it made them desperate and afraid, to the point where they'd risk drawing more attention TO it!!! I will forever respect our mayor now!!!! He chose honour and the love of people over threats!!!! Kudos-x-a-million Mayor-of-the-Heart!!!!!!!

  • Joe - 4 years ago

    Saw David speak yesterday and it was one of the momentous experiences of my life. I went in thinking I was going to come out feeling just as 'iffy' on the more questionable topics as I was going in, but I came out a changed person. I shall evermore be on his side, and see now that bringing my living-from awareness down to my heart and out of my head is the one and only answer to peeling away the layers of inverted and imbalanced perceptions and reveal our true and endless selves that lay waiting beneath the weight of it; and then do nothing more than go with the flow of it, and find there the strength to follow where-ever our hearts will take us.

  • Kanuk - 4 years ago

    Was not this same Vancouver mayor in large part the (inadvertent) orchestrater of the stanley cup riot in this city?

  • parrots rule - 4 years ago

    I saw two UFOs very close up and was told when i reported them not to talk abut it to anyone. To keep it to myself it will only upset people. Governments know they are here!!

  • ScaredyCat - 4 years ago

    No one should share ideas that make me uncomfortable. No one should speak words I do not agree with. The government should stop all people from hearing any ideas I might not want to hear. He is obviously a NAZI, you can tell by his face. The collective requires conformity. There is safety in conformity. All your words are belong to us.

  • John - 4 years ago

    I believe it's very important to listen with a open mind to David Icke and form your own opinion.I find his message to be very informative on world activities from many countries and certain I individuals. Many people are finding that David Icke backs up his statements.Most of the people that attend his events are very positive open minded individuals.Looking forward to Sept 2 2017 Happy Times

  • Karen Carlson - 4 years ago

    Well gee. I saw David Icke in Bellingham a few years ago....I'm not sure why everyone is going crazy about his supposed anti-sematism. The media makes stuff up. As do some protest groups apparently. He speaks for 8 hours about mostly very intelligent topics that have nothing to do with said protest groups. That he is a holocaust denier is laughable. Who makes this stuff up??

  • art lowe - 4 years ago

    OK, i think since the fake news is dividing people on all levels, it time we the people should be asking A.) if the fake news should be a shut down for good, or B.) forced to just give real news and stop trying to stop liberty and people expressing their god given rights from being used. you choose on this poll

  • Calvin price - 4 years ago

    David I don't know if you realize but Vancouver is infested with lizards & there is a extensive tunnel system I lived there for 40 years & first came in contact with them 20 years ago before you mentioned them for details on buildings sites tunnels
    Vancouver is pure evil

  • Rich Stewart - 4 years ago

    If you actually READ his work you will know that Icke sympathizes with the Jewish people who have been so manipulated & victimized BT the Zionist elite.

  • Orest Slepokura - 4 years ago

    George Orwell once said: "If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." Of course, the flip side of that equation are the hundreds or thousands of those who paid to hear David Icke speak at the Orpheum Theatre, all present because they're open to what the speaker has to say. That's the other side of the free speech equation: Letting listeners hear what this or that speaker wants to share with them and deciding the merit of his offering for themselves; like at the Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London.

  • Kit - 4 years ago

    Regulations prevent, Icke_ from speaking in Canadian classrooms.

  • D Dunlop - 4 years ago

    If people understood the meaning of Zionism they would not mistake it for anti-semitism( which is rarely used in it's proper context). It's easy to throw the anti -semitic brick at David Icke as so many believe the propaganda that forms the protective shield around any criticism of Israel or the Zionist agenda.

  • patricia augustine - 4 years ago

    Vancouver should be receptive to all ideas.

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