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  • shug - 1 year ago

    what kind of drugs are the ppl at syfy on??? why would they cancel such a good show???

  • Donald Brown III - 2 years ago

    Blood Drive is one of the best scifi shows syfy had to offer. if they don't want to renew it go to Netflix. all syfy wants to show is futurama and shows like csi that I don't even know why its on this channel. it has nothing to do with the scifi genre. the syfy channel is going down the toilet.half the movies/shows that are on this channel aren't even scifi related.

  • Wayne - 2 years ago

    I absoutly love the show cool cars, hot chick, and julian slink is awesome that man was born to play that role and he did a fantastic job.

  • David Simmons - 2 years ago

    Fucking awsome show never really had a show to actuly catch my attention but this show did between the cars an blood an the killings never missed a episode sucks there's no season 2 in the near future

  • William - 2 years ago

    Fucking awesome series will miss it. Sadly every good thing has an end but arent all good things also supposed to come in three? I will keep an eye out for the two more seasons this show deserves.

  • Thomas Raskiewicz - 2 years ago

    One of the best shows on tv. I gave it a very good rating simply because 2 episodes went nowhere. Certainly made up for them in the season finale. Is there somewhere we could petition to get this show back on the air for next season 2? Thanks!

  • pam gilbert - 2 years ago

    I was so excited when I first heard of this show. I love the Grindhouse type movies. I really hope they have some kind of season 2!

  • pam gilbert - 2 years ago

    I was so excited when I first heard of this show. I love the Grindhouse type movies. I really hope they have some kind of season 2!

  • NegraChula - 2 years ago

    OMG plz no!! I need season 2. I started watching SyFy with a renewed appreciation for grindhouse movies and gore in general, since i was always a pussy when it came to movies like this. I want to see Aki with Christopher, Grace with Arthur, and evil ass Slink just wraps it all together!! Please SyFy or someone! Give the people what they want and we want SEASON 2 OF BLOOD DRIVE!#

  • Tina hottle - 2 years ago

    Blood drive totally awsome need more grace cant die she needs to find authur let it b renewed even if its change little let it b in the prison at leadt we have something good to watch on tv

  • Thomas Patterson - 2 years ago

    Fuckingawesome I cannot believe they cancelled it. Best thing syfy's put out since they first aired at least they had the balls to do something like this hopefully some other network will have the balls to pick up season 2

  • Blood rock dude - 2 years ago

    Season 2 please!! Keep grace slink Christopher and aki!! Aki haven't get the chance to meet her mom. Christopher wanna meet Arthur in person for real. Let grace go to Arthur's arm and get married. Slink is an asshole he must stay alive!! Blood rock prison come on!!!

  • Justin K - 2 years ago

    I was hoping for a season 2, even tho most of the characters supposedly died in the falling of heart. But i was hoping somehow Grace, slink survived. I thought they had good role and acted good. Plus Grace is very pretty and nice to look at. Lol! Maybe some how u will get funding for a season 2 blood rock and grace and maybe slink can save Arthur from prison. Slink doesnt have to help Grace but some be apart of the show by making his own tv show again. Idk just kinda disappointed about no season 2. Its not shocking it was cancelled because i didnt hear very many people talk about it and a lot people didnt even know about blood drive when i was talking about it. Anyway somehow syfy aired and approved season one maybe they will have second thoughts about season 2 blood rock. Ill keep ny fingers crossed. Good luck and hope to be able to watch more blood drive the rock season 2

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