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Second Quarter Court - Thingmen (Poll Closed)


  • Jess - 6 years ago

    Do the polls update instantly? I swear you guys have been tied at 50% for ages!

  • Ingrid - 6 years ago

    Gotta say I'm with Susan here. That scene has never come across as acceptable behavior to me, and it's my second-least-favorite thing that ever happens in the sagas. I'm very uncomfortable reading it and it turns me off the entire saga. I don't think classism excuses rape, and to me it comes off very much as a rape scene - and one we're supposed to laugh at and condone, which is the primary reason I cannot condone it.

    I don't require any action on John and Andy's part, and I don't mean to attack Heather either; I just need to acknowledge, for myself, that this scene makes me very uncomfortable.

  • Heather - 6 years ago

    Very sleepy this morning, obviously I meant Grettir!

  • Heather - 6 years ago

    Hi, Susan. If you are speaking of the burlesque escapade between Gisli and serving woman, I think the primary criticism there is its classism. She is portrayed as low-class: bawdy, taunting him, and very obviously on the prowl. They have what is recorded as an very satisfactory sexual encounter--I practically saw the mutual cigarettes afterward. His humorous verse is summation of the experience from his perspective since it's his story. I understand that you don't see it that way, but I can say as another woman that isn't the universal view.

  • Susan - 6 years ago

    One of these thing men raped a woman because she laughed at him. Neither of you questioned this when it came to picking thing men. I know that the sagas have different standards but both of you have commented on modern perspectives and one of you picked a woman as thingman early on. I cheered then. I call on you both to banish that thingman and for the other to give up an equivalent thingman.

    I still love your podcast and appreciate learning about a literature form and its history that I hadn't previously encountered.

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