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Poll posted 2 years ago.


  • Mary - 2 years ago

    As always beautifully done. And always leaving us wanting more. Can't wait until the next episode.

  • Kallirroi - 2 years ago

    After a long wait this episode was truly disapointing. The same battle scenes shown two or three times each, Jamie's face in agony for half the episode and an akward attempt at vharacter and relationship building thst could only appeal to soap opera watchers... Where's the witty, easy-solutions-but-we-don't-care, fast paced Outlander we've known and loved?

  • Linda - 2 years ago

    It was beautifully sad and wonderfully portrayed.
    I hope Murtagh survives as I wish Rupert could have.

  • Cheryl Silverman - 2 years ago

    I thought this episode was beautifully done. The Outlander production has always done justice to Diana Galbadon's books. It was superbly acted by all. The writing, as always, was outstanding. The direction and editing was excellent and allowed the viewer to feel the horrors of the battle and the depths of their emotions of loss and hopelessness. There is so much to Diana's books that it is a difficult task to limit it to 13 episodes. The sets and costumes also are works of art. All in all, they far exceed bringing this wonderful epic love story/adventure to life! May we see all Diana's books come to fruition on the screen!

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