Grade the Season 4 finale of 'HAHN':

  • Peggy Wilkins - 3 years ago

    I have enjoyed the show for years but I have stopped watching it. It has gotten way to nasty and dirty for me!! It is hard to believe that a Christian would put such filth on the TV..

  • Michelle Oliver - 4 years ago

    I enjoy this show. However, I'm really bored with Candace and her ways, her acting is becoming predictable now. Her brother is a cry baby, David is a punk, and Justin is too thirsty. I love Katheryn and Jim's evil ways, and Veronica is the queen devil. I don't like Hannah or her son. Can't wait for next season.

  • R.M.N. - 4 years ago

    I love the show. Even though we hate Veronica and Candice they are the show. Tired of the storyline of Mellissa. Kill her off in the wreck. Put Veronica paralyzed for awhile , make her suffer a little and please , please , let Katherine rebuild Hanna house back as it was and surprise her and give David some good lines where he actually steps up and becomes a man , goodness hes too boring ! Keep the shows coming and give us more .

  • helen - 4 years ago

    wow, I'm overwhelmed by this story, I love Veronica so much, she is the life of the show. I love Kathrine, Benny, Jim and Hannah, I simply can't stand Candace. David is so gullible, I can't believe him. please bring back the show I can't wait.

  • Renee C Hawes - 4 years ago

    Veronica is not dead they are all good but Veronica makes tge show then Candice i want to know when is it returning i can't wait very good show i watch it from day 1

  • Janice carr - 4 years ago

    I love this show! What ever you decide to do with these characters is fine with me. I am totally emotionally invested in your storylines. Hanna breaks my heart. As if watching real life event. Please continue the good work, will be a fan of your programs as long as you continue in the industry. Fan forever

  • Juanita - 4 years ago

    Keep up the good work Tyler. You're awesome

  • Anna - 4 years ago

    Veronica is dead and the baby's gonna be a reincarnation of her and if she didn't die Justin is gonna shoot her plant the gun by Melissa saying she killed her Candace is gonna beat the heck out of that girl I forgot her name already, just can't wait until 2018 to see what's Tyler got up his sleeve

  • Tracy - 4 years ago

    I will be glad when something is done about Candace. She gets away with everything; even down to disrespecting her mother and accusing her of killing Little Q! I'm sick of her.....

  • Tommerica - 4 years ago

    I love Veronica in my opinion she is the show!, don't kill Veronica off!!! She keep them in line and every show needs a "Veronica!" Candice on the other hand is getting on my nerves . Candice is so disrespectful and she is the one that get away with to much and never gets to really suffer. Someone always steps in on time to in rescue" Ms.Candice," and she never get a chance to learn respect. I really wanted to see her mom slap her in that funeral home like Candice slapped Erica in the hotel room. I would love to see someone be a man and stand up to Candice. Im praying she have met her match somehow with the soon to be president and I hope he show her what a real lying player is, and no one can do that better than politicians. If you are keeping it real then you know by the way she talks and disrespect people especially her momma she deserves to reap it big for awhile, just like her mom said she would, until she would have to bow down to someone. I think Wyatt need to get his life together and develop a relationship with the new girl or something, because his character is getting boring and Jeffrey needs to leave him alone, maybe him being locked up will help, although I do feel sorry for Jeffery and I hope he get out real soon. Benny is so fine but to soft, he needs to get from under his mother and get him a woman. Hannah is a strong black woman she can handle herself. I think David is to loyal to Jim he's always at his begging call, and he need to let Jim suffer in his own dirt. Jim started a lot of this mess and I'm happy his wife left him. So now who is Jim going to sleep with to get him off the hook? Justin's wife? Lmao. I was also just thinking what would it be like if they made Melissa character grow up some. For an example David could hire Melissa to be Veronica caretaker and then she could show Veronica how it feels to be in need of help for a short little while. Melissa could loose the baby in the car accident are keep it and it be a baby boy to take the place of Candice son that would be greatly loved by the family if she hooked up and created a loving relationship with Benny. That would allow you to build up Melissa character and surprise viewers at the same time. Don't forget Veronica use to mess around with Benny!

  • Betty N Sanders - 4 years ago

    The HAHN is really good,I think Candace and her mom should reconcile. And Veronica is a very good actress but she gets away with too much.I don't think Melissa should be taken off the show,she deserve to be with her child,Not Veronica raising it bc she's to bossy and controlling. She needs to accept Jeffrey for who He is. Kathryn and Jim need to rekindle
    David is silly but when he find out about her using him,she'll wish she never saw him.Great job Mr.Perry,you are a great writer.

  • Lateakia Lynard - 4 years ago

    We love you veronica. Ur the best, ur awesome and ur always on time with things, when you called Justin and the president worker girl's and asked the president worker did he had to do his lips stick. Omg, ur great!!!!!

  • Tealynn - 4 years ago

    All the women make this show,I love Hannah and Katherine's relationship.veronica is the best to play that part no one else can.Candice your a mob birch love it.????

  • Sheila Johnson - 4 years ago

    We'll always need a Veronica but it would be nice to see her reap what she's down... just a little bit, Mr. Perry. Hannah's character is too predictable at this point. The proud, broke, self-righteous/angry persona is tedious. When is she going to lighten up? David seems oblivious and I keep waiting for him to wake up. I imagine that's where that story line is going. I'd like to see the Mitch and Mama Rose storyline develop. Charles Fredericks's character is unbelievable at this point and I honestly can't imagine where you're going with this.

  • Lorraine - 4 years ago

    I was so surprised to find out that this was the FINALE!! I had no idea, the show was good as usual. But I was taken by surprised that this season has ended. Mr Tyler Perry keep on keeping on. I love my HAHN. I can't hardly wait til January get here. I wish that the episodes didn't go by so fast. We r only getting 30 minutes of the show. I wish it could somehow give us an full hour and the finale be 2hrs. HAHN has my undivided attention. Thx Mr Perry see u in January. God Bless!!

  • Anita - 4 years ago

    Keep up the good work Tyler Perry ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Tina Taylor - 4 years ago

    I Love the story! I Love Veronica dareizum. I think it should continue immediately! Tyler, keep up the good work. Tina your cuz from PTown!

  • Sherry Gray - 4 years ago

    Great ending but we all know Veronica will be worse next season. This war between Hahn and her daughter needs to end but of course death didn't bring them together so I am guessing nothing will.I am hoping Veronica is Incapacitated next season.

  • Staci Parker - 4 years ago

    I love the show, best show on t.v. right now, don't get roof of Veronica she makes the show, and keep up the good work Tyler Perry awesome.

  • Cathy Nelson - 4 years ago

    I rate the show an A+. Tyler Perry has really out did his self. He has the best actors and actresses. All of them have given their all. My number 1 actress is Hanna. I can't wait until the new season. Kudos to Tyler Perry.

  • Evonne Moore - 4 years ago

    We all know Veronica will come out fine after the car accident. Melissa will die but the baby will survive with incubation and other medical treatment that Veronica will have doctors flown in for. Now, the twist could be that Melissa's mom will fight for her grandbaby and be a force to deal with herself as we know so little about why Melissa said her mom was ill when Veronica asked why her mom was on disability. Other possible twists; Candice want need money from Jim, Veronica, or anyone because she has plans to be the Presidents wife, can and will be!!. She will have cards in her hands to play up until the President finds he cannot trust her and boy will she regret that!. He will be the one to first save her but will always be the one who teaches her she will wish she did believe in a God. Other twists could be: Jeffery gets off like David says but not without a fight from the DA who really wants to punish Veronica for beating him as a man. Justin is going to end up in a mental ward and it will become known that he was sexually abused by his Dad whom is dead because his Mom killed him once she found out what happened. This could be why Justin suppressed his feelings of being gay as he could not understand why he had the need to be with a male, (learned behavior). Another twist might be, the DA coukd have worn a bullet proof vest and perhaps might not be dead and when time comes for Veronica to defend a big case , in comes the new DA in town. Now wouldn't that be worth waiting for. David has lost his freaking mind with all those tricks that his lady of the evening is putting on him that the great Candice taught her. She needs to get what he offered since he is dumb enough to let cootie rule over power. Candice might make her get all his money and bring to her, not because she needs it but because he was involved in retrieving the money she got from Jim returned and it could be his payback to get broke and end back up with Veronica all over again. Now, lastly but not least. Hanna needs to find her a man, stop smothering her son everytime he hits a bump in the road and they both need counseling and peace with themselves. If she really loves God the way she does then she knows he will bounce her back on her feet. Benny could basically leave the show as other than being fine, he would not be a huge loss. These are only my spills so don't get mad at me for writing in this comment section. I just am posting my perspective like all others. Until next season, stay out of those Veronica people way!!! Peace!! Oh and I forgot to mention this, sure would be nice to see Kathryn test David water and make Jim mad as hell. After all, David will be broke and she could use her money to make him rich again.

  • D - 4 years ago

    Watching Veronica has gotten boring because she never seems to reap what she sows, etc... The show needs to move beyond Veronica and focus on more of the other characters drama... Where is Quita she has not been seen in a while... What is the latest on Jennifer who has been wrapped up in plastic for a while (ewwewee), What about Katherine's house that was set ablaze??? Hmmm where are the firemen, etc... O well until next season... BTway the scenes w/Candice have gotten a lil boring too w/the same o same between she and her momma... she is in the same category as Veronica not reaping anything... And as for the wanna be president scenes they have no umph BORING as ____ Overall this season of HAHN has been a BORE.... Not to mention Melissa who is a true BORE... I stop now..

  • Mary Thomas - 4 years ago

    It's just that Veronica needs to get her's, no one should be able to keep...getting away with the dirt she does. And all the plots are beginning to be too much about Veronica alot. I don't won't her killed off, but just to suffer really bad for a while.

  • Evelina Wolley - 4 years ago

    Don't kill Veronica off it just getting really awesome, she's good

  • Evelina Wolley - 4 years ago

    Don't kill Veronica off it just getting really awesome, she's good

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