One20 F-ELD's marketing campaign shown above: All in good fun or over the line?


  • Slim jimmy - 7 years ago

    Trucking is a industry where everyone minds there own business, I think fmcsa should do the same.

  • Frank - 7 years ago

    I agree with the sign. The ELD benefits large companies and hurts o/o and small business. It does nothing for safety - actually encourages less safe driving. With the ELD that is available online, DOT can continuously audit every company - literally can (and likely will) have computer audits daily, hourly, weekly, etc. should we carry more fuel so that we don't have to stop more than once every day? I also agree that the real problem is the hours of service rules. Maybe there is hope that the current administration will make some changes that will help our industry.

  • James Morgan - 7 years ago

    I would love to have middle fingers down each side of my reefer, and one on each of the back doors for this mandate that essentially hooks ankle monitors on our whole industry. BEFORE we even "commit a crime". Hell at least murderers, pimps, drug dealers, kid touchers and the like still get a tria before they're judged. Nice to know us truckers rate below that scum.
    Wish everyone would wake up. ELD's do not make us safer, and I would love to see studies that prove it with statistics. I know that fool flying through construction doing 70mph (trying to squeeze as many miles as he/she can before it beeps at them) doesn't make me feel safer. No more than drivers tailgating me on two-lane highways, passing in ridiculously unsafe ways. All the drivers getting on the road at 1, 2, 3am because the box tells them it's time? Nope
    It's just a money grab by the lobbyists for the manufacturers, and laughably blatant cronyism on the part of the politicians. Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of equipment put in these millions of rigs, plus perpetual repair or replacements of them. I'll drive my '95 Freightliner cabover as long as I can, until Big Brother tells me I have to park Big Red anyways. Find another line of work, I reckon

  • Gary Johns - 7 years ago

    You want to see more deaths and accidents from drivers driving max and over the speed limits , stay tuned you fucking FMCSA IDIOTS !

  • kenneth e riley - 7 years ago

    i think its right on, anyone who says there are kids out there that think this will bend there mind is kidding there self if they think this is going to make any difference to what they are already influenced by. to all those drivers who go on & on how they love the eld's im happy for them, they will probably love the anal probes & id chips & every other ungodly global power inflection coming has well. i miss my freedom, but just has disturbing im sick of the idea that brainwashed americans are letting this happen.

  • Josh - 7 years ago

    I don't find it funny. There are children who see this truck. I understand the feelings behind it. Just think we should show a little respect for those who don't want their children seeing obsecne stuff. I know it's odd for us to have some morals this day and age.

  • Shood Gab - 7 years ago

    I've been driving for 20 years. I love the e-log. It will save lives and get some law breaking losers off the road. WHINY BITCHES, afraid of change. CALL THE WHAAAAMBULANCE!!!

  • John Montgomery - 7 years ago

    Mann I am so tired of these fucking people trying hurt us small company and o/o. I became a o/o to be free and not to become a fucking slave to a company, or to a electronic device that control me and tells me how I should drive my truck..I work my ass off to become my own man, never had a accident because I never break the rules.. Anyway who wants drive fucking 10 to 14 hours straight , thats a real dangerous thing to do!! Being forced to drive 10 hour straight' because you don't wanting run out of drive time' bull Shit!! I been driven flatbed trucks for 18teen years of my life; I tell you I hope this ELD log device bull Shit back fire????bad" I mean real bad" I am sick and tired of these people fucking with us real good drivers that dedicate their lives to be hard worker and to strive to be free in this fucking county. . wake up drivers we need to shut this fucking place????down ????
    If you don't stand for something now.. You are going to suffer even more later

  • Fenrir - 7 years ago

    Welcome to the 21st Century. We see cars painted or wrapped selling everything from food to insurance, how is this any different? Would you rather have them take out a Billboard for Advertising? Or put it in a trucking magazine that no one reads anymore? I have other thoughts on ELD and Logging in general and if the site putting this out wants them feel free to email me.

  • Diana - 7 years ago

    I find it amusing... but more so.. wondering if it takes something this dramatic to get the attention necessary, to stop this ridiculous invasive mandate

  • Robert nj - 7 years ago

    When people want their product and they pay for it they want it delivered why can't the government understand this oh it's all the big companies that are sucking up to the fuel regulations and discounts at the government gives them why don't they be like owner operators and pay for everything out right then they'll see that they don't need lectronic logs when you order something from the store or Amazon you want it overnight that's what people want now they are denying the people the boaters and everything of what they are deserving to have with their hard-working money bunch of communist bastards Al Capone will be proud of the government taking all of his Twisted laws and legalizing them but if you deal with Al Capone heat break a finger and your debt would be solved the government is always in your pocket because they're all overpaid up there God bless all the truckers including the steering wheel holders that don't understand anything

  • Robert Kofink - 7 years ago

    I agree with Hank it's damn funny and the truth. I have been an o/o for 35 years and this is how the old timers feel,I'm not interested in being driven like a hamster a wheel like these go along big company so called professional driver that need there hand held to their job done. I'm a grown man capable of making my own decisions as when to take a break when needed to be safe.

  • Rollinstone - 7 years ago

    You want to. Protest eld Dec 18 those of us that don't have a computer in ower truck but on our phone don't plug them in and ride where are they going to put all the truck they shut down this is the day Dec 18 to protest.. o/0 lease operator Take that day off get a trailer my on your dime and make a trip short one. They can't shut us all down and that will get there intentions . one day if it doesn't work plug in on Dec 19. Small company driver talk to your owner about it split the fuel empty trailer short run in protest to mandatory eld.. truck drivers Unite

  • Jonathan Odom - 7 years ago

    Fuck the ELD mandate. The Obama box is by far the worst thing to happen to this industry in over 20 years. I hope it causes such an economic collapse that the democrats realize just how stupid they are.

  • Rollinstone - 7 years ago

    I'm tired hearing the people who say they been on ELD for years and have know problem. Good for you if you need to have people and a box treat you like your 5. What real decisions do you make Mr I'm a professional driver???? Now. Your a grown adult we all are making decisions is what made us professional.....
    Most ceo got over on something/someone on there way to the top...
    You think...

  • judith rogers - 7 years ago

    Drivers are being nickel and dimes to death. Overburden by laws, micro managed taking away the dignity and pride a driver feels for a job well done. Quite frankly I think the finger is appropriate especially knowing we are expendable with the new driverless truck.good luck with that.????

  • Barry Veinotte - 7 years ago

    They ask if the trailer gives a negative image. Elogs are the result of a negative image. The next step will almost certainly be speed limiters. The FMCSA and trucking for the most part has caved into public pressure and will continue to do so. The USS Negative image set sail years ago.

  • Lisa and Lee Schmitt - 7 years ago

    This is OUR truck. Thanks to OverDrive for the free advertising. Funny how the poll is showing most people like the message. Also funny how the one person who complained that this is a bad image for truckers, happens to be the same person who sat in the front at the Tony Justice concert Saturday in the parking lot, and rudely talked through the entire thing, so the rest of us could not enjoy the concert. Apparently one commentor did not even read the side of the truck. You can be against the mandate and for a particular device. Ours IS the cheapest, with NO monthly Fee. Ever. People can talk good about the trailer, or people can talk bad. Doesn't matter, as long as they are talking.
    We do drive this trailer down the road. And we have less hassles in the scales with this trailer than we do our low pro stretch stepdeck. Want to follow our adventures on FB? Trucking Across America With the Schmitts.

  • Teresa - 7 years ago

    FMCSA has ruined trucking in many ways. 10 hour break being a big one. No break up in off time means no opening of parking spaces on a more frequent basis. Can't hardly find any parking spaces after 6pm and truck stops now charging for much needed spaces (shame on them). I don't mind a charge for parking if you don't spend a little money at their business and I din't mind a fine of caught throwing a piss bottle on their property but charging for needed parking spaces is unreal. Making someone park all day they are forced to drive at night even if their body isn't functional to do the job all night. But lots make the choice because the need the work (that's why so many late night accidents - they should of napped 5 hours - worked and then another 5 hours - chances are they could find a parking space. Friends of President Trump, tell him we need his help to end this madness. E-logs, well I am retiring a few years early because I am not going to be away from my home with lower wages cause a dang machine says park.

  • Bob Stanton - 7 years ago

    Roger... the vendor has a contest for sightings of the truck on the road.

    It is regularly viewed by the general public.

  • Bob Stanton - 7 years ago

    Well over the line.

    Do we as professional drivers want the general public seeing that?

    I hope the truck gets pulled into every scale for a full level 1 inspection.

  • Kat - 7 years ago

    I don't find the ad funny or demeaning. It's an ad by people selling something. It's freedom of speech. I do not feel the ELD mandate is right. Companies and O/O should have the right to choose. Drivers have the right to choose too - I've been on elogs for 5 years and have no problem because I chose a company that pays me 52 cents a mile to run with them. There's a few small ways to "cheat" on them if you're smart enough to figure it out! My miles have not dropped because we log to the minute-so a fuel stop takes 5-6 minutes as opposed to 15. A pretrip takes 10 minutes. A drop n hook takes 8-12 minutes. And I routinely do 3000 miles a week in a relatively slow truck. I'm sure some of the hard core folks will quit the industry. That's fine. A true shortage of drivers will just up the pay scale!

  • Chris M. Riddle - 7 years ago

    I get the add. I get how drivers and others in the industry feel who our against the mandate. What I don't get is the lack of honesty from those who've used or currently use paper logs. Regardless of the rules be it the 14hr, 11hr, 70hr cycle or mandatory 30 min break rule, everyone has to admit when using paper logs they've cheated to either get the job done or get where they wanted to be. I'm sure as they always say, follow the dollar and you'll find the true motivating forces. However the fact still remains that bad apples spoil the bunch and the DOT has endless data of rule breakers. They aren't going to focus in on all those audits, roadside inspections, and accidents where the driver was telling the truth and their paper logs were legal. They are going to focus on the violators and point the finger, whichever one, their way and say this is why we must have ELD's. ELD's don't stop hours of service violations, companies do, just as they would have with paper logs. Now the companies can't play dumb and they put all the pressure on the driver. This change is coming and we have to accept it and get on board. Although I'm not sure how much forcing the ELD's will create safer driving under the current rules. Maybe even under changed rules. It may not be the best answer but it sure seems to be an overall better more efficient way of doing this business. Just some thoughts after reading all of y'all's.

  • James - 7 years ago

    Where does it end they tell us when to sleep, when to drive, They control the amount of hours we can work next thing you will see is real time tracking so they can send me a ticket in the mail for being 5 miles over the speed limit a week ago. I am sick and tired of the government trying to run my business when they cant even run there own but till "US" drivers stick together and but a end to this it will never change Lets see one of them be gone away from there loved ones for 3 weeks and have to stop a hour away cause they are out of hours TOTAL BS

  • Kindashy - 7 years ago

    Hank hit the nail on the head....!
    The American trucker, for the most part, is sick and tired of the Federal Govt's intervention in small business.
    ELD's are not a horrible idea but it should be an option for the small fleet owners and the independent operators whereas an ELD can have a rather extravagant up front cost plus the monthly costs of administrative accounts that are required to operate and maintain each unit.
    An ELD would be seen through the eyes of law enforcement as a valiant effort to be legal and transparently compliant while at the same time any driver or company that were to stay on paper logs could expect more scrutiny.
    But if your logs are good and correct, they will stand up to extreme scrutiny.
    I've was on an ELD for a short period of time and found both benefits and drawbacks to being tied to one.

  • Rudy Guerra - 7 years ago

    This Elog rule is for drivers that like for big brother to be looking over their shouldet.

  • Darryle Farrar - 7 years ago

    I think the whole thing is bs to attach a trackimg devise to any american citizen goes directly against the vonstitution and to try to police thered and white blood cells in the body of the united states of america is just wrong the experiment that is the free [and i use the word litely] heart of the planet earth is bs and just away for congress and senators to do what they"ve been soing all along get richer quicker the apparent unwillingness to postpone the implementation of the eld rules as unconstitutional as they are proves there's money driving the law not safety i call bull on the whole cowpie.

  • Mujaahid - 7 years ago

    I just believe this ELD thing is another control issue of the government, like it's not enough control already. But this suppose to be the land of the free and home of the grave.Has nothing to do with safety, all those issues are already known and been known for years. I think all truckers should go on strike until we get this issue straight once and for all!!!

  • Colby Coen - 7 years ago

    I already have a legal log. If someone is in violation, write them up. Article one, Section nine, clause three of the US Constitution forbids any ex post facto law. IE, a rule,law,mandate,etc. from 2015 CANNOT be enforced upon my 2006 truck concerning equipment retrofit. It's an overreach of a federal agency which needs to be put in check. The ad is fucking hilarious.

  • Noah - 7 years ago

    It makes no sense to me, they're giving the eld the middle finger, then turning around and selling the product! I'm confused, are you for or against the eld! As for me, if they force the eld on us without changing the 14 hr rule (which is the real "killer") I'll leave the industry.

  • Gary - 7 years ago

    When did a mandate become law? The money grubbing politicians, ata, ceo's of the company's belonging to ata should be held responsible and accountable if not sued for the interference of interstate commerce discrimination against a minority and possibly treason for the acts they are committing against a minority the eld mandate is totally absurd and ignorant and goes to show politicians will go to any length for a dollar because they are vested in eld manufacturer also in the pockets of the ATA

  • Bigred - 7 years ago

    It sums up the Gov and what they will do for Money and that`s what the ELD is all about. It`s already been proven that they cause more accidents and have not one thing to do with safety. When anyone is forced (and that is what is happening) to drive 11 hours in a 14 hour period and not much of a chance for a break less you won`t get that load there on time the middle finger is sufficient. It will all come full circle when everyone is forced to use these. No parking accidents go up three fold and the answer for that will be truck speed. Next thing coming down the pike.

  • Tony - 7 years ago

    The 1st amendment is the 1st amendment for a reason. Our founding fathers felt that freedom of speech and freedom of religion were more important than anything else... even freedom to bear arms. You don't have to like what anyone has to say or how they choose to say it, but, as an American, to not respect someone's right to say what they will is to spit on the graves of our founding fathers. And, to that I say, "Take your politically correctness and shove it squarely where the sun don't shine"!

    Just exercising MY 1st amendment rights!

    Oh, and I have been on an ELD for 5 years and have no problem with it.

  • Corey Graf - 7 years ago

    I understand the frustration that is being presented here, I've even felt this way myself but I don't believe that this is the way to address the topic. The eld mandate is the reason I've chosen to leave the trucking industry after 23 years.

  • Hank - 7 years ago

    I think it represents the feeling the American trucker has to the government intrusion

  • Jim - 7 years ago

    Well, it is damn funny but, doesn't look good on a resume', if ya' know what I'm saying.

    The Elog, although real intrusive, is not the issue. The 14 hour rule is the problem! The moron, or morons, who came up this idea, have obviously never been behind the wheel for any serious length of time.
    Fix the rule and I'll bet you won't hear much more about electronic logs.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Roger - 7 years ago

    If the trailer was done specifically for GATS w/ a somewhat captive audience, I find it funny and appreciate the sentiment. However, if the intent is to take it on the road, I find it demeaning to drivers in the eye of the public.

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