How should B.C. sell marijuana when it is legalized?

  • Paul - 3 years ago

    The EXISTING dispensaries are illegally operated, and support organized crime in your community - they should be arrested, charged and sent to jail like every other illegal drug dealer.

  • Tat - 3 years ago

    The govt doesn't have the means to regulate and shut down the unlicensed dispensaries We already have, therefore it's unlikely they be able to regulate anything unless it's within existing framework ie liquor store

  • Linda - 3 years ago

    It must be easier to get for medical patients, license the dispensaries and have it available in smaller communities in the pharmacy. Smaller communities don't all have dispensaries. It's about time this happened. I've been waiting 45 years.

  • Cliff - 3 years ago

    For medical cannabis i dont mind the government distributing but they should not have control over the recreational use other that having strict control over quality.

  • Kit - 3 years ago

    Cigarettes (smokes) must be hidden from view and not promoted in any manner in retail stores. Will it also be law, that alcohol, lotteries and marijuana be concealed in these same stores?

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