What do you think of the name Sochi?

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  • Jacquelynn Conger - 6 years ago

    My 16-month-old daughter is named Sochi. My husband and I were friends with a young woman named Xochitl, but I knew that 1. despite my husband's mother being from Mexico, our daughter would not look the part (she has blonde hair and green eyes), and 2. the odds of someone pronouncing the name correctly would be slim. So we went with the Russian City spelling - rarely do people mispronounce it (We say So-Che rather than So-She). And a lot of people relate it back to the city "Like in Russia where the Olympics were?"

    We do get asked about it a lot, but I don't mind telling it. According to a neighbor of ours who was raised in Russia (unsure what part), she said it means burning or flame - with as dramatic as this little girl is, it's fitting. :)

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