• Adam - 4 years ago

    Thanks for you efforts and fan-appreciation. I loved your on Stargate and, until recently, Dark Matter was the only sci-fi/space show I've enjoyed since Stargate. Thanks for making Dark Matter!

    Also, thanks for the offers of closure. A couple of movies would be my first choice but you didn't offer that, so I won't hold my breath. Comics would be great. A novel or two would be great. Q&A is better than nothing at all! All of the above, maybe? :)

    Like others, I do want to know what was planned for all of the characters. In case no one else asks, I really want to know what happens with the alien invaders/"black ships". How are those baddies defeated?

  • Nanette - 4 years ago

    So, this idea is probably waay out in left field, totally laughable, and I'll probably cringe later at the thought that I brought this up....but....has anyone considered the possibility of Dark Matter as a PC or Console game?
    The reason this came to mind was that Star Wars has become a fairly successful gaming franchise... and, while I am clearly NO EXPERT in anything whatsoever, it seems to me that a well developed game would allow for story development, voice overs from original cast, and expandable content. Fallout 4 (Bethesda)was a huge game, complete with plot and all the trimmings...

    Now would this be " ideal"? Would it satisfy our need for hearing/ seeing/ reading the rest of the tale?
    no. However, it could be tremendously fun, profitable and a way , if done well, to attract more people to the Dark Matter story.

    By the way, if Dark Matter were to become a game... a virtual reality component would be incredible.
    Can you imagine boarding the Raza in VR?

  • Dhionis Zhidro - 4 years ago

    Martin you right.when I start watched the show from the first episode I thought this will be the second stargate sg1 and I was wondering why only 13 episodes per season?I thought this will be the show that it will make watch tv again like before.and still don't understand why not continue the show and just streamed online on stargate command for example, I paid $20 for 6 months to watch all stargate series but if Joseph mallozzi decide to continue the dark matter I would pay $20 or maybe more if he asks per episode until he find a source to fund the show and believe me after few episodes there will be a lot off networks how will want to pick up the show that include the stupid syfy.i don't know what else we can do to convince Joseph mallozzi to try ,just try open an webpage or tweeter account to subscribe only people how are willing to pay and how much they are willing to pay and we go from there.i am sure some of us can pay more and some of us less but hey given the fans number I am sure that we can make it.i would love to see more seasons on dark mater ,reboot on stargate Universe and why not stargate Atlantis?Boss think about you have nothing to loose.let the fans how much you need and I am 99% sure that we will find the money.as for legal picture issues you can negotiate with syfy and I don't think syfy will refuse ,because we are viewers to so they don't want to make mad their viewers. Please try.

  • Martin - 4 years ago

    Hi!! First i want to congratulate joseph mallozzi for being a wonderful director, i dont see anyone who try so hard and that really cares about his fans an the dark matters fans!! U are incredible. Saying that i personal really like the idea, but i think this show need more than 1 season to be finished. Not so fan of comics but for this show i will be so anxious for this project. Sorry my english here from argentine

  • Dhionis Zhidro - 4 years ago

    Please don't give up.i really but really like this show and all I watch are your shows,stargate sg1,stargate Atlantis,sgu, and dark matter. Just try to reboot with different show name and character name,just keep the same cast and same content, you may want to consider continue the show and stream it online for all the fans with subscription fee.anyone will pay $50 To finish the show.worldwide are thousands of fans.just try to make an announcement and see if you can get the money from the fans to continue the show.just try and see how many will respond to that before start collecting fees,and let all the fans know about your plan.do not give up just yet.
    I still don't understand how syfy canceled this show.this was the only one that made watch tv and syfy channel ,now not even turn on the tv to any channel,just Netflix re watching dark matter and stargate command for all stargate series.they just lunched September 20 ,but is good to watch something that you like not something that syfy want you to watch.again please don't give up just yet.

  • steve - 4 years ago

    Well...thank you for all your awesome productions and of course you latest project :Dark Matter. I will be kinda brief. The only really good option is to some how some way find a TV source...I am sure you have sought out just that on many fronts but i truly believe you should not yet give up...your show is just too good to be off the air...there are so so many pathetically worthless moronic tv shows that get actually renewed...i mean REALLY and yours does not...i am totally dumbfounded by the lack of insight on SYFY's part and certain shows they have chosen to renew instead of Dark Matter...well i am not happy about this current state of affairs so...keep up the good fight !!!! and thank you again !

  • Fedaygin - 4 years ago

    Voted & was great that we get our chance to throw in the vote :)
    "All The Time In the World"

  • Davina Eldridge - 4 years ago

    Loved every episode..

  • Scott Twist - 4 years ago

    Any way to get closure for the series is fine by me. I keep having grandiose visions of an anime series with the voicing of the original cast, or at least as many as could be on board. Whatever it takes to tell the rest of the story is fine by me though.
    You Sir, are a rockstar among science fiction writers and producers. Matter was the first of your productions for me but I am inspired to go back and catch up on all your other work. Thank you for creating a show with so much heart.
    Take a break, you deserve it. (But remember we are still here patiently waiting for DM Conclusion and your next projects.) You have made me a lifelong fan.

  • Lynn - 4 years ago

    I am a big fan of books so that would be my first choice. I would love and definitely purchase a series of Dark Matter books. That said, answers of any kind would be great. Would love to find out what happened to characters I really like.

    I have read your blog every day for a number of years. Rarely comment but enjoy not only the blog itself but also the comments from other readers. Thank you for making day a bit brighter every day.

  • Maya - 4 years ago

    I love smart sci-fi and Dark Matter was always a thrill to watch. Thank you very much for providing these updates and for offering to continue the story. My vote is for the medium with the most detail.

  • Leigh Booker - 4 years ago

    I would prefer it in book format to comic books. An audiobook would also be great.

  • James Finch - 4 years ago

    Anything that Joseph writes is my first choice as he's a hero of mine. Such a wonderful person who loves his work and has such a warm heart even though some of his characters can be mean & ornery sometimes.

  • Terry from Sydney - 4 years ago

    You left out my favourite:- Episode 211: “Wish I’d Spaced You When I Had The Chance”

  • Kris Lewis - 4 years ago

    Thank you for your hard work over the years. Feel free to take a breather. As for the future of Dark Matter. I'd love the comic book idea. Or a straight up book. Or someone else discribed an audio book. Or even just the scripts would be awesome. Take your time and make them what you would have wanted. Keep flying!

  • Glenn Thompson - 4 years ago

    Have a rest, we understand and can only appreciate all you have done. I would love to here audio plays such as was recently done with the alien prequel or at least a series of novels which could be turned into regular audio books. Please if we can't get it back on site teen that is. To the future.......

  • Sandy - 4 years ago

    Thanks for even offering us options for closure. That you'd take the time to do that shows how much you care about this story and family.
    I'd opt for the comic book idea or option 3 where you give an episodic synopsis
    Thanks again for everything. Hope to meet you one day at a con in the UK

  • Mark Young - 4 years ago

    DarkMatter has been a great escape from what has been a hectic last few years.
    The characters have been fleshed out and drew us into their lives. They have complex personalities that show the inner struggle I think everyone can relate to on some level c

    I like the idea of a comic to continue.

    Another thought was to create an Audio play perhaps combined with a comic panel with art to set each scene. Just a thought and don’t know how it would work

  • Kirra Nivala - 4 years ago

    Very hard to choose. I really loved all the episodes, but "All the time in the world " was really intriguing due to the glimpses of the future ???? Thanks for all your efforts Joe. I have been reading your blog since 2008, but 1st time commenting.. ????all the best for your future endeavours.

  • Payton McMullen Jr - 4 years ago

    As a comic guy, I'd love the comic option

  • Mj - 4 years ago

    I second Chris Campbell, choosing whatever option that would provide the most details. I still hope, deep in my heart though, that Syfy or whatever network come for a rescue. A written closure would be nice, but it's always better to see the characters on screen doing what they do best. Our imagination can work while reading comic books or novels or scripts, but a show can help us see things beyond our imagination. I don't know what to do or how to help but I just wish everyone the best. But thank you, Joe, for not abandoning us. Hugs to all the cast and crew and to everyone in this amazing family. #TeamRaza is for eternity!

  • Chris Campbell - 4 years ago

    I so appreciate all your updates! I'm so bummed that Dark Matter is over!!!! It just kept getting better and better with every episode. I want to know where it was all going with each of the characters so my vote would be for whatever option that would provide the most details. Thank you for bringing DM to reality. It was an awesome ride that I looked forward to each week!

  • Robert - 4 years ago

    It's very hard to pick a favorite, as I loved every episode!

  • Angela Daniel - 4 years ago

    All The Time in the World was the best best best best episode. I watched it over and over and over again when it came out!

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