Grade Megyn Kelly's 'Today' debut:

  • Lisa berry - 3 years ago

    This show is terrible. I was hoping it was temporary. I just change the channel...

  • Beverly Ferguson - 3 years ago

    I MISS TODAY's TAKE! This show is awful! She said it would be an uplifting show and she lied! This show is full of Boo-hooing. I don't want to hear that. It's a bad spin off of Oprah back in the day. I miss the way "the gang" had a light hour our fun news! This show needs to go off the air and bring back the fun! Nothing against Meghan but she has no personality and speaks very oddly.

  • Jackie Snowden - 3 years ago

    I switch the channel at 9 am. Put back on today's take. You can put Megan on at 11pm because I am in bed by then.

  • Diane - 3 years ago

    I'm very disappointed! She just doesn't have what it takes to keep people watching. Definitely not the right fit for morning tv. I tried it but if I'm home I switch stations. Love The Today Show, Kathie Lee & Hoda & Today's Take! Bring back Today's Take! When the Today Shows cast came to her set to wish her well... Sheneille Jones face said it all...she was not happy! I would say a lot of morning viewers aren't happy either. She's probably a very nice person but please, she's cringeworthy. I just can't watch it. :(

  • Melanie C Paquin - 3 years ago

    BORING!! Tried watching, just couldn't get through whole hour. We don't need another daytime talk show like this, too many already. And I thought Kelly Ripa was bad!

  • JLee - 3 years ago

    Meghan looks like someone from the petticoat junction show era ! Backwards her hair is awful her makeup looks terrible and her outfits are horrible and soo unbecoming ????Do they let get use a mirror ? Her show is sooooooo BORING. And. TRULY SUCKS ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Threese - 3 years ago

    Worse show I have seen if I wanted another dummy downed program I would just have watched Wendy Williams there are people who enjoy some intellectual content in their morning viewing out here in TV land -what an insult to my intelligence

  • Bernadette - 3 years ago

    The worst addition to the Today show ever. She is not someone you can relate to, very overdone and fake. Not sincere or genuine.

  • Jeff wasko - 3 years ago

    Sorry, change Chanel's at 9:00am, she sucks, and a very bad move for Kathy Lee and Honda, most people don't change back to that channel. need to ax that 9:00 program ASAP!

  • Patti - 3 years ago

    She seems to try to hard. Bring back today's take

  • JoLinda LaBua - 3 years ago

    When she left Fox News, to go to NBC, I was done with her and I was a faithful viewer. I miss her but I will not watch NBC "alternate news", which is so slanted towards the left and one sided, I refuse to watch any NBC or mainstream media news.

  • Barbara Lyon - 3 years ago

    I've lost all my admiration for her. You could almost "see" the APPLAUSE sign being held up to audience at appropriate moments.

  • Dave - 3 years ago

    Sorry but she seems to be trying too hard or she has had too much alcohol to calm the nerves. She is not personable at all. Put her with Lester ! They would make an awesome hard nosed pair!

  • Alan - 3 years ago

    I would rather watch paint dry!

  • Scott R. - 3 years ago

    She's probably a nice person, but she just comes across as totally ingenious. NBC is trying so hard to make the viewers believe she is both warm & caring, as well as funny. The sad truth is, she emits none of those traits. I think another issue is her voice, she sounds more like a chain-smoking trucker instead of a bubbly morning talk show host. The reason she did so well at Fox is because her demeanor was that of a tough, hard nosed, reporter who never let her guests off the hook. It's as though NBC thought they could turn Bill O'Reilly into Johnny Carson. Hate to say it, but this is a major fail. I see her going the route of Brian Williams, where they try and hide her and her enormous salary somewhere on MSNBC until they figure out that the only way out of their expensive mistake is to buy her out of her contract.

  • Lonnie Hawley - 3 years ago

    Bring back today show

  • Paul Webster - 3 years ago

    I thought she was great,loved the show,welcome back megan.

  • Angela Tsi - 3 years ago

    Was curious. So ive tried. All i could handle was 4 minutes.In my country we say that thw wolf can change its hair but not its habits.

  • Adolfo - 3 years ago

    All I saw is, am too pretty look at me, what I say is truth

  • Bob - 3 years ago

    She was lousy. Changed the channel after about five minutes of watching this drivel...

  • Norman Gordon - 3 years ago

    She comes across as disingenuous besides dragging excessive baggage with her.

  • Jeanine M Williams - 3 years ago

    Bring back Today's Take !

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