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  • Tarryn Satin - 5 years ago

    Hi Tia, I chose parenting solutions because that's exactly what you provide! Brilliant, effective solutions!:). The word solution removes emotion from the equation.
    Im usually looking for drama free "solutions"! Hope this helps. All are terrific options though :).

  • Maria - 5 years ago

    Same here - I love the "best" version.

  • tslightham - 5 years ago

    Thank you Allison! I love your insights - this is exactly why I do what I do! Thanks!

  • Allison Boyd - 5 years ago

    HI Tia
    I chose this one because for me it brings out that "we are all just trying to do our best". It implies we will never have perfection but we are striving to be the best parent we can be. It captures the "end result" of your program/services....gives hope for this ultimate goal of "parenting at our best". It just had a positive warm feeling I instantly gravitated towards. I'll be interested to see what wins? :) Good luck.

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