Graham Has A Hidden Agenda - Is He John Abbott's Son?

  • sherri - 4 years ago

    I hope he's not John's son! I do believe his hidden agenda is revenge for Dina splitting his family up, so perhaps Brent Davis is his biological father!

  • Kittykat - 4 years ago

    Yes i agree!^^ i think he is Brent Davis' son, he & ashley are half-sibs. Hes getting back at dina for breaking up the Davis marriage. Now that ashley has been so catty towards him hes going to target all the abbotts!

  • Billyboy - 4 years ago

    I like either storyline, thou whatever it may be Graham needs to be a current actor on Y& R because he is Good. They should've paired him with Nikki. Somebody new instead of the same characters together all the time.

  • Mckenzie - 4 years ago

    Graham is Brent Davis son.He realized a long time ago that Dina was the cause of his parents breakup and possibly his father death, so he is determined to pay dina back by getting all her money..

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