Which Jason Should Sam Be With - Billy Miller's or Steve Burton's?

  • Kathleen Daly - 3 years ago

    Steve Burton should pla

  • Jeff - 3 years ago

    Steve Burton should be Jason I like billy miller but he's to soft I'm ready for the real Jason stone cold that run port Charles with his best friend Sonny

  • Nicole - 3 years ago

    I think Billy Miller should be the real Jason Steve ditched the character Billy came and did a great job as Jason and to strip him from something Because Steve finally decides to come back n someone who ditched GH is wrong. Make Steve The twin Drew and keep Billy as The Real Jason. Thats basically saying they used Billy Till Steve came back thats like a slap in the face, also Billy and Kelly have great chemistry, and it would be such a dumb storyline to have Sam have Babies by 2 brothers. Just my opinion im not speaking for anyone else as everyone is entitled to there own opinions. Either way you look at it is a lose lose situation. There are a ton of Billy and Kelly Fans, and a ton of Steve and Kelly Fans. You cant please everyone your either going to have alot of mad Billy fans or Steve fans.

  • Carey - 3 years ago

    I think Sam should be with Steve Burton character as Jason. I was a little confused about it and liked Billy Miller, however watching clips of Sam and Jason (Steve Burton) I feel as though they should be together. I hated when he left and I'm so happy he is back!!!! Please put the original Jason and Sam back together.

  • Angela Mason - 3 years ago

    Come on Sam belongs with The real Jason Morgan. The chemistry between them is hot hot hot.

  • Tara Boston - 3 years ago

    Definitely Steve Burton he is the one and only true Jason Morgan. I think Billy Miller is a terrific actor but Sam belongs with Jason.

  • L.C. - 3 years ago

    I agree, like the connection with Billy Miller as Jason. Have enjoyed the way his character has a personality and sentimentality, which goes along with story line to detach from the mob/hitman character.

  • Erin - 3 years ago

    I truly love them both...I just can't decide. Billy Miller has given Jason more of a personality. But, how can you have Steve Burton back on the show and have him portray anyone but Jason. Sam has a kid with each of them. She's going to have alot of thinking to do. Maybe she should just have Carly decide who she should be with....Im sure Carly would love that!

  • Lisa - 3 years ago

    I agree Steve Burton left the role as Jason. Billy is doing a great job and they have a bigger connection they have children together they need to stay as a family.

  • Maureen Provencher - 3 years ago

    Steve Burton left his role as Jason Morgan for whatever reason, Billy Miller took over and deserves to stay as Jason Morgan and doing a great job! They are both great actors.

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