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  • Pam Gagnon - 2 years ago

    Have been waiting to see this show for so long because I love watching it. Was so disappointed that it was, yet again used as another ploy and platform to bring regurgitated political policy to TV. I wanted to see easy light hearted comedy that was Will & Grace instead it was a total flop and disgraced shadow of the previous show. Sadly disappointed!!

  • Lori - 2 years ago

    Jack was hilarious as usual. . Grace was a fail as usual. Too much political poop

  • Arnie - 2 years ago

    Will & Grace was always mr favorite comedy show, but just as I expected, having nothing but the political crap going on is just getting old! So very sad....How come Hollywood is trying to control everyone's thinking! It's not working for many of us that can really think for ourselves! Please....let's get back to real comedy again and leave the politics alone. It's just not funny anymore!

  • Chad Drum - 2 years ago

    Will and Grace failed as a comeback comedy. The laughter was annoying and seemed to be forced. The politics is not considered in the rating I feel for the show--it just failed as a comedy.. I was expecting so much more.

  • Tina Van Horne - 2 years ago

    I missed this show so glad it's back!!!!

  • Sharon Sertell - 2 years ago

    The best part of watching comedy tv is to forget what is going on in the world and have fun. Too much political information and views. Go back to what is best on Will and Grace. Laughter.

  • James Elliott - 2 years ago

    Typical liberal Hollywood spewing its HATRED and non-acceptance of the Democratic system when not in their favor.. Boo boo crybaby attitude is really old and boring and is reflective of the failure of the so called “ Entertainment Industry “ Will and Grace “ like Steven Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel and the rest of the President bashing TV programming will continue to slip into the abyss of insignificance.. and THAT.. for me and millions like me, is truly entertaining.

  • K - 2 years ago

    So happy the show is back! Just like I remembered it!

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