What do you think is the biggest issue in Albuquerque?

  • A.G. - 3 years ago

    The one key factor in all of these options has to do with how the City government is handling itself and the public.

    Lack of jobs is a bit harder to pin on the City, however, when it comes to higher paying jobs for those in mid-career or recent college graduates, the City would have to address most of the other concerns in order to be able to effectively address this issue.

    Education is a big issue. I am new to the city and the state (as of January) and I have noticed that most of the schools on websites that are privately controlled tend to be very poor preforming schools. I worry about my children's education, especially in science and math. I think afterschool programs can help children improve and give them something to do instead of going home and getting themselves in trouble.

    ART Construction could be handled much better. A few weeks ago, I saw a man spray paint "F*CK ART" on the side of a building on Central and 10th. It is a confusing mess. Seems like it would have worked much better to do it in phases than all at once. Central is a dangerous street, and adding all the confusion there makes it worse. The City could do better here. But in all reality, I am not sure why the ART project is so important when the buses being used smell like pee all day and are full of people who are yelling and screaming.

    Drug addiction is a major issue here in Albuquerque. Now I see why it made sense to have Breaking Bad take place here. I would hope that the City use more modern tactics to fight the drug epidemic in the City, such as more clinics for addicts, increased sentencing for dealers, and assisting them with meals, a job, and a cot.

    Political leadership is incompetent is something I cannot discuss freely as I don't know those individuals, but obviously something, or a lot of somethings, fell through the cracks and it really should have been stopped with the leadership before the City got to where it is now, where people analyze what is wrong with the City and not focusing on how to improve it or what actually works.

    But the major issue I have avoided so far is crime. Not having enough police and having a high crime rate are directly correlated. Crime is the issue that I think all residents need to take seriously. The City has limited resources, including personnel, but this is an issue they can start addressing by themselves. It takes no input from concerned residents to realize that there are not enough police and that investigations go bad. Nor does it take much thought in realizing that the judicial system is a bit damaged compared to before the constitutional amendment.

    The City can start fixing thing, but it will be a long time before people can really feel safe, before businesses elect to move to ABQ or open a satellite branch, before the leadership can understand what to do about education, drug addiction, and the transportation system. We will have to wait and see what the next City administration can and will do.

  • Bob - 3 years ago

    Biggest problem is insufficient prosecution resources and "catch and release" policy of judicial system.

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