Will Sam Leave Billy Miller's Character (Drew or Jason?) For Steve Burton's Patient Six?

  • Clare Jackson - 4 years ago

    Sam has to choose the "real" Jason ...Steve Burton . It is only right . She wouldn't be with Andrew if she hadn't thought it was Jason in the first place. The real Jason holds her heart as she does his . Andrew just thought he did under the crazy circumstances .

  • Dorothy - 4 years ago

    Let Sam chase BS l do not like the wirte what they doing to the real jason

  • Dorothy - 4 years ago

    I do not care if Sam stay with BM

  • Tenisha Gee - 4 years ago

    There’s a good chance Steve Burton will be the real Jason! I heard Billy Miller may be leaving. I’m a little confused with today’s episode.....Andre and the other dr. mentioned that patient 6 thinks he’s Jason Morgan! I really hope he is, I can’t see him playing a different role! I love Steve Burton❤️

  • Magda Semidey - 4 years ago

    Let it be Steve Burton the real Jason Morgan. He's an awesome actor and has played the role of Jason Morgan for decades. Billy Miller is also awesome but Steve Burton plays the role of Jason Morgan better.

  • ANNIE G THOMPSON - 4 years ago

    I love the chemistry with Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco. Even I love Steve Burton, he chose to leave years ago and that opened the door for Billy Miller. GH did an excellent of building the "new" relationship with Billy Miller who gives the character more depth. How does Sam just cut off her feelings and forget the fact she has Scout with the Billy Miller version. Oh GH you did a poor job here, really poor. Maybe Steve Burton will be Andrew and was programmed to have the memories of Billy Miller's version of Jason. At least I hope so and I've been watching General Hospital for nearly 50 years.

  • Lori johns - 4 years ago

    Sam should be with the real Jason Steve burton that's who she first fell in love with. Sorry not sorry. Billy miller is a good actor but let's face it Sam was drawn to billy miller because he had Jason's memories. But her I feel her heart is with the stone cold jason

  • Beverly Adams - 4 years ago

    Steve Burton is the real Jason morgan

  • Tara - 4 years ago

    Steve Burton is an amazing actor as is Billy Miller!! Sam will be with the real Jason who I hope is Steve. Burton is and always will be Jason Morgan.

  • Mary Evans - 4 years ago

    If sam leaves billy miller I will quit watching gh. I have spent too much time getting involved in their relationship to have it interrupted by snoozing steve burton. He was boring on y&r. I only watch gh for 3 characters, billy miller, Michele stafford, Franco. You have prime time characters in those 3. Burton is a loser.

  • shirley melton - 4 years ago

    For God sake let Steve Burton be Jason please let him be

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