Shamelessly borrowing from Atul Gawande’s latest New Yorker article, do you think healthcare is a right? (Poll Closed)

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  • ME - 3 years ago

    We live in a democracy. If our elected representatives vote to give goods and services to those who cannot or will not provide for themselves, that is a decision of society for good or for bad. Healthcare for all is a democratic and legislative decision. That's not the same as a right.

  • Douglas Lee - 3 years ago

    If healthcare is deemed a "right", then surely these affirmative voters would also deem the provision of food as a right. If one has no food, they are assured of poor health. So where is the liberal clamoring for universal food supplies guaranteed by US taxpayers? Besides, healthcare is already treated as a right in practice, because EMTALA and county facilities guarantee some one will be seen if they step inside a hospital. But if I were to fall across the threshold of the Kroger complaining of being hungry, do you think that a grocery store is going to provide me with bags of foodstuffs? Liberals always clamor for the "Issue of the Day", but never step back to see how we as a society can help people become self-sufficient and contributors to society. They do not because maintaining the greatest number of people as "Wards of the State" guarantees a dependent populace that will vote to keep the liberals in power. Other prime examples are their diehard support for unlimited immigration and sanctuary cities. Its all about power, not the well-being and pride and growth of individuals.

  • John Locke - 3 years ago

    If healthcare is a right, then people have a duty to provide resources (money) to provide that care. What about their rights? Why are they being taxed to provide goods and services to someone else? Isn't that a form of theft? Doesn't that system provide a huge incentive to not work, or work and hide your income, so you can say "sorry, I have no money, you have to give me stuff, it's my right". Giving out free stuff tends to increase the number of people trying to get that free stuff until it runs out. One can make a good argument that that has already happened in the USA, we just are not dealing with it directly because people are happy to lend us money to the tune of $500 Billion dollars a year. This has led to our $ 20 Trillion and increasing, federal debt.

  • Charles Malone - 3 years ago

    We do not have a "right" to clean water or clean air. We , as a society , choose to create clean water systems and sanitary sewers. We have variable results for clean air. If we decide as a society to provide health care, we can organize and tax ourselves to build the infrastructure, and establish what we will treat. Every country with a central "socialized" system is struggling with costs. Hard decisions have to be made. The more intelligent systems support a "private" option to allow their citizens to spend their hard earned money on the care that they value.

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