Will TPTB At GH Make Patient 6 Oscar's Dad?

  • Cs - 4 years ago

    Oscar does Resemble Drew strangely.. I hope Oscar&Franco will be the key in jogging his memory of whatever past he has blocked out-Its about time the 2 Jasons remember their lives already!! Poor Monica!!

  • James Carpinelli - 4 years ago

    I think it is Nicholas Cassadine because they said patient 6 was rescued from the waters off an island (Cassadine island ?) and he is coming back to avenge Valentine Cassadine! and remember that Nickolas Cassadine and Ava were an item before he was shot and fell over the balocany into the icy waters.

  • maggs - 4 years ago

    It could be that Drew is his dad, but not Jason, and not patient 6

  • Tammy - 4 years ago

    Oh heck noooooo!!!!!! Come on people let him be Jason no extra child he was held hostage whatever but this would be beyond dumb let billy be the father not Jason (Steve) or someone else Jesus

  • darlene - 4 years ago

    who will be the mother

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