Are you participating in protest efforts against the ELD mandate this week?


  • Larry D Woolman - 7 years ago

    31 years accident free driving and i use to love my job, now sadly to say without sounding like a drama queen, iv been at the brink of tears, i truly want to just quit trucking because of good ole corporate AMERICA driving small companies out of loved career choice. The federal government has yet to build needed rest areas or remodelled outdated rest area parking spaces, i tip my hat to the state of Kentucky building truck havens with rest rooms at the scale. Eastern seaboard is a joke for parking which 90% of my work. Loose the ridiculous 14 hr rule and e logs we be manageable. Super carriers have succeeded in their goal,maybe consider this for a minute,people cant afford groceries now, yea just wait

  • Steve Haws - 7 years ago

    Im 67 years young and I hope all the young drivers out there realize what your giving up by giving in to these self righteous beurocrats. Who haven’t got it even close for decades. It’s not about safety, it’s about control and money. Look what they have done with everything else they have mandated control over. Its the blind and the dump having a race they can’t win.

  • Pedro franco - 7 years ago

    I suport the effort and my family thats why im againts the eld enforsment

  • Ioan Rus - 7 years ago

    I suport the efort

  • Jack Smith - 7 years ago

    I support the effort, I run under a 100 mile radius it does not apply to me yet

  • David welty - 7 years ago

    Where yall meeting at i wanna ger involved

  • David a welty - 7 years ago

    Wish i knew about all this ,,,,where do i sign up ???

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