Should Horndean be divided into two wards with half including the village centre and war memorial being included in Rowlands Castle


  • Jean Reynolds - 5 years ago

    I ive in the village centre and would feel very sad that other residents not so fortunate as us to live there would lose their village centre. However, I can see some rationale for the proposal but my suggestion would be that Horndean village centre should remain as part of the Horndean constituency but, other than the bottom part of Blendworth Lane, the Blendworth hamlet, a rural hamlet having more similarities to Rowlands Castle than to Horndean could be encompassed into the Rowlands Castle constituency along with athe whole of the new 750 houses in the new development.

  • Carol Smith - 5 years ago

    What a ridiculous suggestion. How can any sane person advocate cutting a village in half and assigning it to another village? I tend to agree with the first poster. Is this an April fool prank? Why not split Southampton and make it part of Portsmouth? NO! Silly Idea? Well so is this one.

    Regardless of 'saving money' or steamlining local government any councillor who thinks this is a reasonable solution to either should hang their head in shame.

  • Ian hodges - 5 years ago

    Ok so you propose to put the centre of Horndean into another village , and leave the rest in Horndean . is it 1st April? This is just laughably ridiculous , you cant be serious surely. leave Horndean village in Horndean is the only sensible answer surely. . the A3m doesn't cut It in half , believe it or not there are modern bridges over and under the motorway .
    Incidentally , the residents of Rowlands castle objected to Keydell plans to relocate there a few years ago , and this plan would instead relocate the village to Keydells , you really couldn't make it up !

  • Jennifer Colwell - 5 years ago

    I understand you are trying to reduce the number of councillors but this is a bit silly. Horndean village will no longer be in the same ward as the rest of Horndean? That doesn't seem to be logical or efficient.
    The A3 does not cause any issues in getting to the two sides of the village, we don't actually notice it at all.

  • Jason Ashley - 5 years ago

    I would prefer that Horndean village remains part of Horndean. Given there is a Road going through Rowlands Castle will the southern half now confer to a Havant ward? Didn't think so...

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