What do you think of Cam Newtons response?

  • Stephanie - 3 years ago

    Neither of the available survey responses expresses my opinion. I don't know his intent; I only know he demonstrated his ignorance as did those who responded above. ("ARDENT FEMINIST"?!? You must be joking!) His behavior isn't about hurting her feelings. His behavior is damaging to her reputation (which = earnings) not only for this incident, but also to her future earnings. I hope she sues him since people only pay attention when their money is involved. Spare me the phony apology. Would you "just lighten up" if you were humiliated among your peers or nationally? As far as disrespecting the flag, that occurs when you DON'T stand up for your rights.

  • Kim - 3 years ago

    I'm an ardent feminist. But I agree with those who think the reaction to Cam's comments are an OVERREACTION. Come on now.

  • Lauren - 3 years ago

    Lighten up! He was just being honest, like THAT was the one thing to take from the encounter? Then to have him apologize? People are being shot, the flag is being disrespected, there's true hate everywhere, the reporter is a snarky child.

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