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Posted 2 years.


  • Rich - 2 years ago

    She should have been fired a few weeks ago...this is ridiculous that she can make these ignorant statements TWICE and not be fired. ESPN is so weak and liberal, which is why I don't watch them anymore like a great many people

  • Big Daddy - 2 years ago

    Jemele Hill should have been fired immediately for calling the president a white supremacist. No questions asked. No second chances. No suspension. ESPN has gotten way too political and there's no need for it. ESPN viewers aren't interested in on air personalities spouting their political views. ESPN should grow a pair, do the right thing, and fire Jemele Hill.

  • Dave - 2 years ago

    Like I said, idiots. Schilling was fired for saying "Hillary Clinton should be buried under a jail", comparing the entire LGBTQ community to some dip-shit in drag, and constantly perpetuating stereotypes and fake news.

  • chris strack - 2 years ago

    how do you fire Curt Schilling for his conterversial comments and only suspend her - seems like a double standard and should have been suspended for the first offense and fired for doing it again - way to lienent on her - comments way off base and they are a direct reflection on the ESPN new personalities they are hiring

  • DAve - 2 years ago

    Most of you are idiots. First, there is no such thing as reverse racism it's a made up thing bigots tell themselves to justify their hatred. Second she was absolutely right about Trump. He has shown his stripes over and over. He has no problem with the Confederate Flag (the ultimate symbol of disrespect for the American Flag) or those who support it, as a matter of fact he thinks they are "fine people", but a black athlete peacefully takes a knee to bring attention to the fact that UNARMED African Americans are being shot and killed by Law Enforcement at a 4 to 1 ratio over others and he calls them SOBs. That is the definition of a racist.

  • Leo - 2 years ago

    She should have been FIRED, not suspended.
    If she had been white making similar comments about a black leader, she'd be LONG GONE and probably getting sued.

    Just another example of the mass media BIAS against Trump and people getting over for ragging on him.

    (No, I don't like Donald "Loose Cannon" Trump - but at least I'm willing to TRY to be fair about him, unlike the Liberal Left).

  • Mike - 2 years ago

    Jemele is so similar to Trump. Bigots, Racists in more ways than not & narrow minded idiots who impulsively react without thought or any regard for the wel known aftermath of the actions. It's sad but true if your looking at it through a clear minded approach...Obviously for too many in today's various cultures & beliefs that is simply impossible. These people are so stuck in their own world, where they paint some vision of major depression+oppression that they truely convince themselves it's reality when it actually is not nearly close to that. Agreed, there are many issues that need to be addressed but we NEVER hear of those at all which makes this entire protest of a protest of another freaking protest a complete CIRCUS. ESPN clearly and publically warned her w/o consequences the 1st time (this year too...only God knows if they've discussed any similar topics/rules in years past..). Jemele Hill deserves much worse than she has been given and ESPN now officially looks like a disfunctional joke. If you are ignorant and/or gulliable enough to follow and be only influenced by liars, manipulators, modern day racists, & 'Twitter tough guys' who follow through w/ ZERO actions. All talk.
    Look @ Shaun King from the NY daily news, whom states he is black from am going as far as accusing his own mother of affairs with men who were not her own husband and his listed father on his own damn birth certificate, who are both Caucasian!! So SK falsely claims he is black for his own personal financial gain and status. Which has lead to his growing friendship with Kaepernick the clown with the pig socks (who likely doesn't understand slavery's true meaning and history if he looked at in in a textbook).

    CK & his idiotic gf, Nessa, whom was raised in egypt under Sharia Law (however it's spelt.. excuse my lack of knowledge in that category...don't care to understand it) and is said to be a 1/3rd Black is a large influence and voice for no apparent reason and has NO CReDIBILITY at all likewise for CK who's raised in a white middle class family and seems to have had an dream-like adolescence for many in his position from birth being adopted. So in summary, the followers of this jack@$$ movement have only created an issue that barely existed, have especially now chosen FALSE Prophets to champion their campaign. At the end of the day, as we have all seen too often this NFL season, these are many reasons why they are only making things worse...Sad. Time to grow up folks. It's 20-freaking-17.

  • David Sullivan - 2 years ago

    Maybe she or any other protesting professional sports player should put on a bullet proof vest and ride a shift with the Chicago Police. How many Police have been killed in the last decade trying to do their job and protect us?

  • Jeff - 2 years ago

    She is paid to give her opinion on sports issues. This issue has combined politics with sports so why shouldn't she give her opinion?

  • Christian Zeal - 2 years ago

    Look, if we are going to redefine 'free speech' in contemporary America, at least we are being consistent with its application. Fair is fair. Shutting down free speech because a few self-appointed pointy-heads say it's hate speak cuts both ways. Don't feel bad for Ms. Harris, she clearly knows exactly what she is doing...taking the mantle from Colin K.; her career-impacting decision is right on par with his

  • Maxdemo - 2 years ago

    Mess with Trump and you get burned

  • Thunder - 2 years ago

    Company policy dictates the rules in this regard. So if she wants to work for ESPN then abide by their rules regarding social media.

  • Mike Black - 2 years ago

    The biggest problem for ESPN is that ESPN and the Dallas Cowboys' sponsors have considerable overlap. So when she says boycott the Dallas Cowboys' sponsors she is also telling people to boycott ESPN's sponsors. She should be fired for ESPN's loss of revenue the "boycott" will inflict on it.

  • SK - 2 years ago

    I'm tired of her and all the garbage they do on the 6!!

  • Steve Miller - 2 years ago

    She needs to FIRED and everyone boycott all that advertise on ESPN. She is as much or more racist as those she accuses. When will the hate of whites by blacks be addressed?

  • Jesse - 2 years ago

    ESPN is behaving like a cowardly organization. The tweets at issue were mild, and on point. Jerry Jones, in following the president's lead, has put his players in a horrible position. Follow his new rule and potentially be branded a "sell out" or don't follow his rule and risk losing your roster spot. Jemele simply pointed out that if fans disagree with what Jones has done, they should let him know about it buy not supporting the Cowboy's sponsors. She's not wrong. It shouldn't be up to the players, alone, to take a stand and risk their livelihoods. We are living in extraordinary times, with a country that is being run by a president with little self control. People like Jemele are responding, and they should.

  • Brian - 2 years ago

    A Harris poll found 85% of whites felt that civil rights demonstrations hurt the advancement of black's rights. Looks like 75% of respondents to this quiz haven't left 1966.

    Listen, the point of a protest is to make those who benefit from an unjust system feel uncomfortable. If this current round of protests has you hot under the collar, maybe it's time to take a step back from the computer before you inevitably spew more talking points and take a good, hard look at your motivations.

  • Doug - 2 years ago

    She should be fired. AND we should boycott all of the sponsors of ESPN until she is fired. You can't just keep running your mouth without consequences, regardless of your race or gender. When Jemele said it has nothing to do race issue, it is a media issue. Really? You called Trump white supremacist and you dissed Jerry Jones out b/c he is white. To me, that is bigotry and racist. It is ironic that Jemele are Trump are quite similar b/c they are bigotry and racist. Oh, it is endless..... Waste of time and energy to argue those pointless. Good riddance, Jemele......

  • wt johnson - 2 years ago

    The trend that ESPN has been moving toward, with so many opinionated announcers, has backfired on them so many times, it's not funny, actually it is funny! The new style female announcers they employ have turned most of us off. In Disney's effort to be beyond politically correct , including the ridiculous Bruce Jenner award( stupid) they have declared themselves to be a series of channels that should not be taken seriously. It will be a nice break to see Fox's gradual take over, because ESPN.s obvious disdain for the Conservative, people are finding any alternative if possible. You can kid yourself about metrics,streaming, or any other lie in which you decide to tell yourself, Axing great announcers and hiring opinionated feminists will get you no new viewers, especially males, keep trying see where it gets you

  • ST - 2 years ago

    The only reason I don't agree with the poll is because suspension is TOO mild, she should be fired. AND we should boycott all of the sponsors of ESPN until she is fired. You can't just keep running your mouth without consequences, regardless of your race or gender.

  • Dion - 2 years ago

    Considering her previous comment was way more incendiary than the first this looks to be an overreaction by ESPN. But everyone seems to be dancing to the tune played by 45 so it's not surprising in the least.

  • gary stuart - 2 years ago

    I won't watch ESPN anymore. Use to love Mike and Mike and all the sporting events, but won't support them. She should have been fired first time, just like Schilling was.

  • Ken - 2 years ago

    She should have been fired. Freedom of speech does not mean that there are not consequences for the speech. Personally I have stopped watching the NFL due to the leagues response to these protests.

  • chris - 2 years ago

    She is a racist. ESPN is condoning explicit bigotry & racism. If BLM, then why don't the "kneelers" & Jemele address the BIGGER- REAL problems: black on black crime rates, unwed mothers, education? Instead, ESPN allows the words "white supremacy" to float on every platform. Disgusting! Intellectually LAZY. Most Americans are getting fed up with the lack of INTROSPECTION in the black community. Millionaire crybabies who want to virtue signal - facts don't matter. All they do is kneel & collect a paycheck?? ESPN is promoting a baseless racial divide. You are lower than low.
    BTW: CK could have been forgiven for kneeling. It's the PIG SOX, THE SLAVERY TWEET, HIS GF.
    I'm from Las Vegas. In that situation, CK & Jemele would have depended on the cops to save his life. Who are the real pigs?

  • Art Walker - 2 years ago

    Why is it that when people of any race say and do things like she does, they get fired immediately, but when its African-Americans, then we all have to be very careful on how things are treated. If African-Americans so want equal treatment, then they should also be fired equally like everyone else.

  • LLowry - 2 years ago

    She continues to comment breaking her contract. Calling for a boycott of sponsors of the Cowboys is calling for a boycott of the very ones who pay her salary. Can't believe ESPN tolerates such actions.
    She should be fire!!

  • mike walkup - 2 years ago

    She works for an organization that makes its money PROMOTING the NFL for profit !! How can she expect to get away with trying to get fans to boycott an organization that finances HER platform . Would put her rants in the really dumb category .

    Pretty much same comments for the NFL players not standing for the Anthem . 70 % of league is non-white making a ton of money . Now your leadership is going to kill the golden goose for the next generation . Great leadership !! As they say : all politics is local . Players should demonstrate their concerns by working within their own community - not the entire nation .

  • Adam - 2 years ago

    If I used the twitter account of the private school I work at to encourage people to not support a major donor, I probably be fired. If it was her private account not her ESPN account that's different

  • paul tullos - 2 years ago

    good riddance. she was just another nail in espn's self-made coffin.

  • Chris - 2 years ago

    She's a horrid announcer. The worst. Her political beliefs could be the same as Ayn Rand and I still wouldn't listen to her.

  • Zach - 2 years ago

    Its in her contract and she violated her contract. She got a warning the first time and now it happened again. So ahe go suspended per her contract. What happens if it happens a third time?

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