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Posted 2 years.


  • Alexandra - 2 years ago

    Honestly its to far from the original, I have no doubt it will appeal to a younger generation who know nothing of original, but for those of us in our 40’s or older its too different from the original. I think its a big mistake for instance to make Jeff Colby black, and make Sammy Jo a gay man, simply because well what about those Colbys, Cecil, Jason, Sable, Frankie, Miles Monica and what about L.B. Are they all going to be black or interacial couples, who had their own show and how is this Sammy Jo suppose to show up with a baby named Danny and wreak havoc with Steve, and will the prim and proper Alexis marry A black Cecil Colby on his deathbed? I understand bringing the show into the 21st century, but it could have been done without such major character changes. I do like Culhane being black, and when Dominique and her crew comes to town would have been more black characters to have. That would have been enough. Producers say they want to reflect today, but today The wealthy are still marrying others like them pretty much. Just look at the Trumps, a prime example, no intermarriage there, I have seen some 1%’ers marrying Asian but no one marrying Black, unless Harry marries Meghan there is just no hope of this mixed girl (me) marrying a 1%’er myself. The truth is the world isnt as open minded as this show wants it to be. This show would be better if it was a whole other show, period and not have anything related to the old Dynasty at all. Then I could watch without comparing notes about how different it is from the Original. But If they are casting for Alexis and Dominique Id still like to try out, lol. If this was going to be a Dynasty reboot, I would have preferred a continuation of the old Dynasty with the kids grown up and a few cameos of veterans popping in, like TNT’s reboot of Dallas, which did last at least 3 seasons. To See L.B and Danny grown embroiled in their own Dramas, with the Real Alexis and Krystal advising would have been freakingly awesome.

  • Mae west - 2 years ago

    It needs JOAN COLLINS. Your Rebbot is to FAKE.

  • Rafael Alfredo De la Fuente Torres - 2 years ago

    Amazing a lot better than the original. Waiting for next wednesday!

  • Richard Gualtieri - 2 years ago

    I thought the reboot was fun but not as amazing as the original. That being said I am tuning in next week...

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