Football B.O.B - Linebacker: Who is the best high school linebacker in Battle Creek?


  • Disappointed - 5 years ago

    The intent of these polls was supposed to be competitive fun. Are there adults on here that are bickering with highschool kids? What are you doing? for your kid, school...and leave all the trash talking to the kids. Seriously.....the more you get on here and talk about your great support system and how much you love your know these kids are going to keep talking junk. So why do you adults need to keep taunting these kids and keep the crap going? Its ridiculous.

  • Linda Batterson - 5 years ago

    I went to Harper, and live in the district now. I am ashamed of the poor sportsmanship being displayed here.
    I believe this poll is about attitude & supporting your teammates as much as it is about football skill. Each game is played by a TEAM. And these are kids, not pros.

  • Mike - 5 years ago

    People need to grow up and be supportive of all our kids no matter who they play for including other kids tht play for other teams thts wht it's about all the kids

  • Jane - 5 years ago

    If you believe in a player, vote! Simple as that. Everyone has the same opportunity as the next to vote once or many times. The negative comments not necessary. The choice is yours vote or don't, but there is no need to critize those that choose to vote. It takes a team to win or loose. No game is won or lost based solely on a single player.

  • Bryan - 5 years ago

    These polls are pointless. Penfield wins them all and not because they have the best players. Definitely got top oline wrong and probably get this too. Watch film, and see who college coaches are looking at, and allow only 1 vote per person, and the results would be different.

  • Hm - 5 years ago

    I cant help but notice on every poll, Harper Creek seems to be leaving negative comments. It's immature, grow up and be supportive of your team, theres no need for the comments about the other teams.

  • Phil McKracken - 5 years ago

    If the boy from Pennfield wins it's only because his family is supporting him. Not because he is good, Harper is undefeated and the Pennfield boy is ahead of him? I don't think so......Scooter

  • HCFOD - 5 years ago

    @mom we know you the only one voting. Maybe when the season is over in 2 weeks you can come watch real football too @harpercreek. Back to back I8-champs 47-19.... ouch

  • Dad - 5 years ago

    Our son isn’t the best hunny

  • Mom - 5 years ago

    HC and HCFOD the season isn't over yet! Things happen when you least expect it. Win or loose the Pennfield family is strong and supportive of all their players! We fill the stands no matter where/who we play. Our support never waivers!

  • HC - 5 years ago

    well maybe when pennfields losing season is over he can go watch so real football at Harper creek #playoffbound #wya???? When is the last time pennfield had a winning season????

  • Andy - 5 years ago

    I love you son!!!!

  • HCFOD - 5 years ago

    Uhh Neff ain’t very good he couldn’t handle our offense at all #49-17...or the past 3 teams you played bruh allowing over 40 points smh

  • Pat Davison - 5 years ago

    Go Colyn

  • Karen Harrison - 5 years ago

    Colyn is a great young man. He works hard at his sport and doesn't ask for recognition. Besides, I helped him catch his first fish while camping with his Grandpa and Grandma Neff!

  • Connie Neff - 5 years ago

    A true team player who gives it all he's got...and he's a humble soul...doesn't need the high praises. Just goes about the game and contributes...he's learned skills in football he will carry into every aspect of his life. A great young man who will go on to impact this world in a positive way.

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