Will Liz Fall For Patient 6?

  • Cs - 3 years ago

    No!!! Liz is soooooo boring. Her&Jason is soooo old news!! Dont kill his exciting new storyline by setting him up with this dull self riteous hippocrite.. Set Liz up with Griffin!! I want to see a fire hot couple out of Jasons story!!! Ava is better for him!!!

  • Marie Turner - 3 years ago

    at first I truly loved Jason with sam but I just cant stand Franco. so if sam has the new jason please let elizabeth have the original Jason. And if one of the Jason's has to go let it be Billy!!! Steve will always be Jason he has the stone cold look!!!! love GH been a fan ever since Steve and Jessie:)

  • Jan - 3 years ago

    I would like to see Elisabeth and Patient 6 together. Sam`s character is lacking substance. At least Elizabeth shows up to work everyday to help heal the sick.

  • Carey - 3 years ago

    Dear God no, I don’t like Elizabeth and Jason together! Never have. I liked her with Lucky. I want the Jason (Steve Burton) with Sam. He is the real Jason! I just hate she now has a baby with current Jason! Please put Steve Burton’s Jason back with Sam! I have been watching for over 20 years! Please GH put them back together.

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