Should the Florida Legislature name a highway after former President Barack Obama?

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  • Steve - 3 years ago

    He is not the first African-American president. His mother was white and his dad was a Muslim from Kenya. That would be like calling a Puerto Rican who looks black black those are fighting words for a Puerto Rican.

  • OVJack - 3 years ago

    No ! Absolutely Not. This Manchurian candidate almost single-handily destroyed our magnificent country during his 8 years in office. All his illegal acts need to be investigated including the multi million fortune he left office with after being paid low six figure salary by taxpayers. This man hopefully will be indicted and sent to a sturdy, non corruptible jail which he richly deserves !

  • C Thrower - 3 years ago

    NO, NO, NO, NO........., dumbass leave the road's name alone........................GEEZEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Frank - 3 years ago

    We should in some way recognize the worse president in recent times. I would prefer to make the date that he left office an annual national holiday.

  • Chris Pozgar - 3 years ago

    What does Obama have to do with Old Dixie?

  • Pam - 3 years ago

    No he does not deserve it!! It has nothing to do with race. What were his accomplishments? Set race relations back 50 years, released terrorist from Guantanamo, failed miserably health care, murder of 4 people in Benghazi. I could go on and on. A man like this deserves nothing special.

  • TyroneShoelaces - 3 years ago

    Just like MLK warns you to stay out of that part of town, it would be a tremendous service to the public to name any road through a ghetto after B. Hussein.

  • TJ - 3 years ago

    oldie green - "southern pride hatred for blacks and remorse for losing the right to slavery"

    Debra Haywood- He is the first African American president

    You two are racists.

  • David J Prince - 3 years ago

    He'll no...he's a NWO politician..For you racist out there, I don't care if he's black ,white, or yellow...the mind is GREY MATTER...and his is non-American.

  • Steve in Micco - 3 years ago

    Odie seem a bit confused here. Obama represented the know? The party of the Confederacy! The party of slavery! It was the Republican party that endorsed the Civil Rights Acts of 1871 and 1964 inspite of pushback from the Democrats. Perhaps the Democrats that ran the local school board whereever you went to grade school forgot to inform you.

    Barack Obama led us down the Highway to Hell.

  • Odie Green - 3 years ago

    Why would we want to stop this? Florida has named highways after Reagan and HW Bush clearly inferior leaders to President Obama. Judging from the comments it's largely that southern pride hatred for blacks and remorse for losing the right to slavery that is still very much alive and probably the only reason in most minds as to why not to name the road after President Barack Obama.

  • Buffalo - 3 years ago

    Have used Dixie Hwy for 50 years and used it as my gps ( in days before that device) to find my way up and down Florida coast do not need further confusion now

  • Chris - 3 years ago

    Who cares if he was the first African American president. He doesn't deserve a dirt road named after him.

  • Roy - 3 years ago

    To honor every political person does not serve any purpose . He was just another American president who can not be compared to the high level our country's founding Fathers for accomplishments they did to give us our Freedom.

  • Debra Haywood - 3 years ago

    He is the first African American president, and I would feel it would be an honor to celebrate that.

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