Are you more concerned about security in Mexico than you were a year ago?

Posted 1 year.


  • Michael - 1 year ago

    My brother-in law, a Mexican national and professor of psychology, was shot and killed in a respectable restaurant last week in Mexico City, in "una de las areas mas vigiladas". Per witnesses 4 men entered the restaurant at 7:50 PM to rob the restaurant cashier AND the customers, and my brother-in-law resisted and was shot in the chest. This is scary. He certainly could have not resisted the robbery and still be alive, but he didn't. I know he was tired of the lawlessness there. Sure, it happens in all countries, but it will make me feel a lot less safe when I visit Mexico City. Incidentally, 12 years ago another brother-in law was shot and killed while driving in Mexico City around midnight to pick up his teenage son at a party. So there's either no change or it's worse. My wife is going to Mexico City (from the US) this weekend to be with her sister and I definitely worry about her safety there.

    For anyone interested here's an article about the shooting:

    "Un profesor de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) falleció la noche del jueves 12 de octubre durante un asalto ocurrido en la cafetería llamada Proyecto Gourmet, en la delegación Benito Juárez.

    De acuerdo con información de Reforma, mientras el docente se encontraba en dicho establecimiento, varios hombres ingresaron para asaltar a los clientes.

    Según se explica, el profesor, de nombre Francisco Alfieri Huitrón Snell, se resistió al asalto. Forcejeó con uno de ellos y se escucharon algunas detonaciones. El catedrático de la UNAM fue herido y murió poco después.

    Tras el hecho, los delincuentes huyeron del lugar. Una de las encargadas del negocio explicó a policías que el profesor era cliente frecuente del lugar, pues solía acudir cuatro veces por semana a tomar un café y a cenar. Ya se inició una carpeta de investigación por el asesinato.

  • david - 1 year ago

    In my opinion, Mexico as a whole is safer for Americans than my home city in the Midwest of the U.S.
    While in Mexico one would be wise to not talk about the cartels in public, not frequent casinos or taverns, and to not show a display of wealth. It would be smart to follow these suggestions in any country.

  • frank - 1 year ago

    Carol is right....How many beer cartels do we see? Prohibition of ANYTHING that adults elect to do, as long as it harms nobody else, is guaranteed to produce corrupt officials, high jailing costs, ruined lives, waste of tax money etc. Bir Brother, leave us alone!

  • Carole S - 1 year ago

    Love Mexico.????????????????????????????
    We do not stay out late & try to avoid the Cartel areas.
    Based on numbers, just as many shootings in lower mainland of BC , Canada
    Make drugs legal, solve the problem, or most of it anyways.

  • Al Byrne - 1 year ago

    Be street smart and don't look for trouble. Don't go walking around drunk in an unfamiliar area after dark.
    Treat your Mexican hosts with RESPECT and they will look out for you.

  • Anthony Cecil - 1 year ago

    It higher than last year

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