Do you support this school's ban on Halloween costumes?

  • Adolf - 4 years ago

    Let the kids dust and don the swastikas. I am sure they're tired of political correctness. Let us get the party started.

  • Mike Roebuck - 4 years ago

    Liberal intolerance at it’s worst. The school environment and the childrens “ feelings” were the pretty package they wrapoed their intolerance in. We all see who the real bigots are in Canada.

  • Robert Davies - 4 years ago

    Wow. If we ban everything that someone is sensitive to or finds offensive, we will be left with nothing. Tolerance is (or was) the Canadian way. Not any more, now we have to hide and bend to the lowest common denominator of society. This is yet another new low in our apologist, politically correct Canada.

  • rod s - 4 years ago

    Trust the education system to lead the demise of traditions that were fun. Sad day for us all.

  • Done Truckin - 4 years ago

    OMG. here we go again, let's coddle and protect against some Snowflakes precieve idea of how to raise productive vibrant young members of society. It's no frigging wonder these kids enter the Real World and are basically usless. No freaking wonder this province and a country as a whole can't find productive young workers to take over from those of us that are at or finished our working careers due to age. It's no wonder that people from impoverished or 3rd world countries come here and flourish !!!

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