Grade 'Mindhunter' Season 1

  • Bobo Fawstouche - 2 years ago

    Bill Tench is the best casting decision. He's a perfect fit. Everything else is just very good to sufficiently perfect.

  • Jenn - 3 years ago

    I found this series to be very fascinating & intriguing, I binge watched the whole season the same day.
    My burning question is: Who is the up coming serial killer living in or around the Dr's apartment & when will this become apparent in the show? This would be a younger boy just starting down the road & testing his "disturbing" behaviours, so is he going to become a case study or is he going to become someone they can catch before he moves on from animals to humans? Or is it an intro to a twist by introducing the less common female serial killer & a world full of new research to map out? Actually the Dr is shown in her underwear in a few of those scenes so more like a young man who will likely be her attacker at some point. And then there is the question of when can season 2 be expected?

  • Lori Brunette - 3 years ago

    FASCINATING One of the Best shows I've seen in awhile. Please keep it going!

  • Jay Jay - 3 years ago

    This show was absolutely AMAZING! Wish I could give it an S rank xD

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