When do you think Connecticut should officially celebrate Halloween?

Posted 1 year.


  • Bob Hobbs - 8 months ago

    My birthday is on Halloween (Eve of All Hallows - All Saints), and I've grown to love answering the doorbell during my birthday party !

  • Laura - 8 months ago

    Leave Halloween alone. I remember porch lights went off at 8:00, kids went home, took a bath, had 2 pieces of candy went to bed....no problem

  • Paul - 1 year ago

    Leave it to liberal state like Connecticut to try to change Halloween. It's 31st. If you don't like it, don't go out. Kindly leave a bowl of candy on your steps. I'll take care of the rest.

  • CARMINE - 1 year ago

    Did they consider parents that work weekends. I am in retail and work every weekend.

  • Michelle Kane - 1 year ago

    Halloween is actually the eve of all Hallow (Holy) day - All Saints Day. It was traditionally the last day of the year that bad spirits, ghouls, witches etc. could make mischief before entering the holy period in the Christian calendar - from 11/01/xx All Saints day, All Souls Day 11/02/xx through Advent ( the period running up to Christmas awaiting the birth of Christ and then Christmas Day therefor, to arbitrarily make it the last Saturday of October makes a mockery of the entire period.

  • Laura - 1 year ago

    Leave Halloween on the 31st. Young children should be back before 8:00 (porch lights go out also) they only are allowed 2 pieces of candy when they get home (it’s not an “all you can eat event”

  • Tom R - 1 year ago

    Should we make The 4th of July a weekend every year....sounds kind of stupid doesn't it.

  • Jimmy - 1 year ago

    I'm a parent of 3. Halloween is and always has been 31st. I and my wife adjust our schedules every year for halloween when it's on a week day. We know it's the 31st so it's not a surprise and we adjust. I'm tired of all the 1st world crying this country does. People whine about everything these days. Leave it the 31st.

  • Jim - 1 year ago

    Halloween is All Hallows Eve.....night before All Saints Day on November 1st....therefore Halloween is always Oct 31.

  • Joan Barle - 1 year ago

    Keep Halloween on the date it has been for years and years. If holidays are changed on a Willy nilly whim, what’s next, Christmas, New Years,and Easter.? Please, leave holidays alone. Why confuse everybody.?

  • Susan feastet - 1 year ago

    Really? Smowflake parents raising snowflake children. Halloween is Oct 31, period. Maybe you should petition your board of education to give your little princes snd princesses the week off so they dot get too overwhelmed.

  • Carol Roche - 1 year ago

    Ridiculous and asinine! Leave Halloween alone ! For crying out loud things are getting so stupid and ridiculous

  • LORI - 1 year ago

    By changing Halloween to a Saturday, it will cause problems with older kids. They will be out late causing trouble. Don’t give them anymore of an opportunity then they have now.

  • Jim Neilson - 1 year ago

    Check federal law on changing the date Halloween is celebrated. It is not a valid question. Halloween (Samhain) is a federally legally recognized holiday for the Wiccan Religion, the same as Christmas is for the Christians. So let's change Christmas too.

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