Which match-up should be the SportzEdge High School Football Game of the Week? (Poll Closed)

  • Shelton at West Haven
    32,142 votes

  • Tolland at Berlin
    37,307 votes

  • Guilford at Foran (Milford)
    2,696 votes


Posted 1 year.


  • Scott - 1 year ago

    Wow! I am thoroughly shocked at the bitterness because your team didn’t win this stupid poll. The truth is, both teams deserve to have their games highlighted. The reason Berlin won this poll is because we are a great football town. We did a very good job spreading the word and our people, as they always do, delivered!!! To sit there and judge an entire community because you are upset with the results makes you seems petty and ignorant. I wish all of the boys playing this weekend good luck for competitive, fun, and most of all safe games! Go Redcoats!!!

  • Sharon - 1 year ago

    Well said Westies!!!
    Westie Pride
    Bleed Blue
    Once a Westie always a Westie!

  • Westies!!! - 1 year ago

    Lots of ignorance on this comment section! West Haven and Shelton are to of the top teams in the state and both class LL powers. Berlin is only undefeated because they play in a cupcake league, they couldn’t hang with mid tier SCC teams or class L/LL opponents. The shelton/WH game should be televised because it will be the best game of the week and has state tourney implications whereas Berlin vs Tolland is a game nobody in the state really cares about. It’s a shame the poll wasn’t held open until Friday because I’m sure West Haven would have won it.

    Enjoy your little clip on TV, I hope Tolland upsets you little Redcoat losers.

    GO WESTIES!!!!!

  • Jenna - 1 year ago

    If you haven't heard of Berlin or Tolland you must be living under a rock

  • Rich Dunn - 1 year ago

    Hello All --- BTW ... The BERLIN kids go to school too ... and their parents have jobs too ... and WE are undefeated too ... Best game of the week will be TOLLAND v. BERLIN!!!!!!

  • Tom - 1 year ago

    Go Tolland! Eagle pride!

  • Sharon - 1 year ago

    Okay Jeff!
    Again our team doesn't need to be televised for our kids to be noticed. Everyone has an opinion and I stated mine. So, what I'm hearing is bc your band has a great half time show your game needs to be on TV. I'm glad you guys are winning good luck to you and your team.
    I'm sure just bc someone hasn't heard of Berlin or Tolland does not mean they live under a rock. That's a brilliant comment. As they say you teach it. Maybe it's a young person commenting.
    Since our boys boys didn't win this week, I hope Tolland wins!
    We give credit where credit is due.

  • Cassidy - 1 year ago

    Vote Guilford

  • Jeff - 1 year ago

    Okay "Sharon". Let's throw down.
    1) I agree with Heather M! Berlin is obviously getting these votes because of the marching band and their wonderful half time show.
    2) This just proves you have nothing better to do with your time beside commenting on a stupid poll that you obviously care a lot about.
    3) Our parents and kids also go to work and school, so we're getting these votes because people actually want to see the game. Can we say televised!!!
    Enjoy not watching your team on TV!!!!! BTW if you haven't heard of Berlin you're living under a rock, "Cornelius".
    Once a Redcoat, always a Redcoat.

  • Jean Johnson - 1 year ago

    They might be winning. because it’s not counting my votes ..I watch and is. Not moving,

  • Mark Holden - 1 year ago

    Who would want to see a #2 vs #11 game when you can watch #58 vs #80!

  • Sharon - 1 year ago

    1 - I agree with Cornelius! West Haven/Shelton should be winning this!
    2 - Pat this just proves your trash and ignorant.
    3 - our parents work and our kids go to school. We don't have all day to spend voting for a game that should already be televised. This will be the best game of the week. Our boys don't need the news to show they are the best. They already know it. Can we say undefeated!!!
    You could have the game of the week. Enjoy your 2 min of fame.
    Once a Westie always a Westie
    Westies Pride

  • Erika - 1 year ago

    Uh Cornelius Berlin is the best team. We always win. So everyone is voting for us because you know WERE AWESOME! (Props to the Berlin redcoat marching band tho that halftime show is pretty dang good)

  • Pat Mcgroin - 1 year ago

    Hot Boi gonna take a poop on west haven!

  • Cornelius - 1 year ago

    Never really heard of Tolland or Berlin, so not too sure why they're winning over 2 of the best teams in the state, which is also a HUGE SCC rivalry and sure to be one of the biggest games this season.

  • Danny - 1 year ago

    Listen “Heather M.” I don’t want to hear another peep out Of you. Tolland is my passion and if you so much as mention Berlin I will no longer be your friend. Understand “Heather”

  • Heather M - 1 year ago


  • Kerri - 1 year ago

    Go Redcoats

  • Melinda Sordino - 1 year ago

    Tolland High school is better than mine by far... at least there’s no Andy Evans here!!!

  • Racc Daddy - 1 year ago

    I don’t even go to this school anymore but go Tolland anyways!

  • Kim Jong Un - 1 year ago

    Go Tolland! Tolland Best In World! Tolland better than Korea!

  • Heather Gilleran - 1 year ago

    Go team

  • Heather Constantinescu - 1 year ago

    Go Redcoats

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