Would you visit a new ski resort near Hope?

  • marnes - 4 years ago

    I live in Vancouver. We take ski trips to Sun Peaks. We no longer go to Whistler to ski (overpriced zoo). Sun Peaks has the perfect blend of ski terrain, price, amenities, and no waits. With only 10 runs, we'd never visit your new resort, as most resorts have hundreds of runs. Manning is a failure because it's a sub-par small resort in an awkward point between Vancouver and all the cool ski resorts. Oh and it's 4x bigger than your proposal. People in the interior would never come ski in the Hope area when they have so many great choices.

  • Gold into Nickel - 4 years ago

    After the foreign shareholders of Barrick, also pays the foreign buyers tax on this deal, then tell em thars' no gold in ski resorts.

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