Do You Think The NTPD Should Arrest The Student?

Posted 1 year.


  • Lisa - 1 year ago

    So schools get to decide what is assault? Sounds like the carholic church that hid pedophiles. Schools should be mandated to report physical altercations to the police. That is how we will keep our kids safe in school. Not a “safe room”.

  • Raj Biluty - 1 year ago

    Listen yall this kid who got punched deserved it his name is Andrew stone he has a gang and threatens too beat kids up every day since 6th grade this is long coming I say not even Jesus can fix this disgrace so I say let the school deal with it for God's sake we have a police in the north Tonawanda middle school with 12 year olds GOD!!!! After i get my free college from financial aid im leaving this state

  • James - 1 year ago

    Honestly the school should deal with it oh a kid got punched he deserved it he literally threatened my friend with a knife I hope he gets in bars and the kid who punched him a parade around town

  • Andrew - 1 year ago

    That was long coming he deserved it that kid threatens too beta up kids every day so at least have the school swap with it like we have police in ntms seriously do we want nths being on lock down well your kids are in school

  • Mark - 1 year ago

    That wasnt a fight. It was a BEATING. That bully needs to be arrested, and the parents of the victim need to sue the parenrs of the bully for all medical bills related to thier sons injuries and possilbly for the possible loss of his eye. They also need to sue the school district if they didnt call the police. As far as the NTPD police chief goes...ignorant. The video is more than enough evidence to prosecute. Video is used to prosecute for other crimes, this is no different. The whole thing is disgusting.

  • Nicole - 1 year ago

    This is so wrong on so many levels. Regardless if the sitting child threw food or not he didnt put his hands on him so hands should not of been touching him. Second why arent the parents complaining? Said student went to town on the other student like his life depended on it. Im glad my kids dont go there. So everyone is your child says something to another child its ok for a student to beat the shit out of them in defence. Totally heart breaking.

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