Why did Bishop Toal refuse permission for Fr Paul Morton to debate Editor, Catholic Truth?
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  • Eileen Marr - 9 months ago

    So relieved at coming across your good selves !

    I’m genuinely concerned by the LGBT transgenderism gaining ground in the brainwashing of our children. See a you tube on a man named Diamond Dee ex homosexual / transgender . He tells of his lifestyle and his subsequent consequences , but best of all his experience with Jesus.

    I’ve recently moved to a new area . At my new Parish I asked the PP to bless my home. Initially enthusiastic he said he’d come the following week. That was four weeks ago. I asked him on Sunday why he hadn’t come? He struggled to say and eventually asked me to call him again about it . ! Um......

    I wondered if the real reason was that he’d gone onto my Facebook page were I have articles from Bishops about homosexuality in the church.

    Last night I googled my PP and found Fr Paul Morton is featured for a few reasons but especially with an article with yourselves about his support for LGBT rights and introduction of their lifestyle within schools curriculum .

    I’ve a lot to consider !

    With thanks for all you do .

    Eileen Marr (marreileen@gmail.com)

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